Garou: Mark Of The Wolves tournament on 07/31/2005

I wasn’t sure if I was going to direct another one of these as I’ve stepped away from directing and competitive playing of SF but I figure I play MOTW anyway and I’m usually home on a Sunday night so why not.

Game: Mark Of The Wolves (Set 1)

Date: Sunday July 31st

Time: 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time

Format: 2/3 Falls, Double Elimination. 3/5 Falls Winners and Losers Finals. 4/7 Grand Finals.

Server: Godweapon Server #2, Intense Server or Godweapon “Best Of The Best” (whichever suits people best for ping)

All brackets will be co-ordinated through an IRC channel of my choosing on the day of the tournament and will be posted in here.


  • Boss characters are allowed. Be ready to play against them as I know three players who regularly use them against me in casual now.

  • The ranks from the previous two tournaments will be used in this tournament. Any new players will be inserted at random in remaining slots. I’m not going to debate over this because you know that “I’m better than that guy.” If you’re an awesome player and you haven’t entered a tournament yet then you don’t get ranked. It’s just that simple.

I hope to see everyone that played in the first and second tournaments and maybe a few more fresh faces. I’ve worked out just about every kink in the system now that we have established ranks. Post up if you plan on joining.

you retired from sf? i didn’t know that. sign me up

I’ll join. I nominate #gordonsmomlikesitintheass as the channel.

I wont be there I work on sundays.

Or maybe #jammyjams

definitly won’t be here… seeing my girl for the first time in a month.


Add me…

I can make it.

I’m in. Gotta bring the low tier love to this tourny.

Count me out, poker calls.

I want to learn this game, can anyone of y’all give me some tutelage in the game???

PM a AIM Handle if anyone is interested.

I’m in, add me please!

I should make it.

I think i should be able to make it if i don’t have to go play basketball or have dinner early

Ill bring the stick in to work and see how long I can last. Can someone tell me what versions of what emulator to get in the meantime?

add me. I’ll be there for sure.

Cwome gett Selweius!!

I’m in this.

Count me out on this one. My namco stick and converter not working too well together, and don’t want to play if I cant press Up. Maybe next time; Ill bring a different stick.

Please pop into #garoutournament on Efnet. That will be where all matches are co-ordinated.

NOTE: There’s a virus going around that has been keeping people from accessing different sites and the by product is that some people can’t access different servers as well. I can’t access any of the usual stuff (Godweapon mainly) so my matches will be held on Intense Server.

Efnet=Mirc client right?
Im sure i can make it today

I’d appreciate if everyone could make it for 8:30pm so I can take registration and start promptly at 9:00pm. Thanks…