Garou: Mark of the Wolves


I have a couple of questions about this awesome game

a- At 27:44

Hokutomaru player did j.d into qcfx2 super …is this combo confirm-able or is this a trick make that ?? cuz i saw it done couple of times and i feel its so risky…and he did it after j.a at 48:21
also after 6:58

b- And about confirming far a.b stars super combo afyer 31:33 and 46:30 and 49:48

2- For Marco/Khushnood does he have special buffer techniques or tricks ??

3- Need tips For Marco/Khushnood and Hokutomaru VS Ding Hwan match-up .

4- Any advice regard playing Marco/Khushnood and Hokutomaru “yes what i found in the shoryu wiki was useful but need more”


BTW Even if anybody saw this questions after a long time from posting please answer it…


Idk the answer to your questions, however this is one underrated game overlooked in the entire fighting community worldwide.


I think we’ve defibrillated this game @ NEC


It still has like nothing for representation. Which is sad cuz it’s pretty sweet. The future of the FGC should be about keeping the classics alive.


There was a MOW tournament at Ko-hatsu arcade in Osaka last weekend.



This awesome game has 0 frame supers. Confirming into super is possible from almost anything with gato.
Game is indeed awesome and I will always love it, balance is ass tho.


If anyone is interested, there’s a small tourney on this saturday at 14:00 (JP time) here in Osaka. You can catch the stream here


no love for this game in here i see



about the hoku into super, it is a special bug in this game that only affect hoku and rock and it only works with their b version super. basically the bug means that you can confirm any air to air or ground to air attack into super in a very specific window. This window is really close to before the opponent hits the ground. It is pretty risky and difficult, but not so difficult that it is impossible in a match. ive hit it many times with rock. I’d estimate that a high level player can confirm it 50% of the time mid match, maybe a bit more. so it is risky in that way, but it is obviously really good if you can do it lol.

with rock there are other interesting ways to cancel into his super. for instance, if you anti air with his jab, you have enough time to confirm into b or d super when the opponent is still in the air as long as you instantly confirm into super.

does marco have any input tricks? why yes, he does. You may be struggling to get his dragon punch breaks off consistently, but there’s a trick to make it work really easily. simply do the Z motion, then after you do it, keep the stick held at down forward as you hit A or C into break AB. if you hold down down forward as you hit the buttons, the break works very easily for some reason.