Garou: MOTW Thread

I know it’s old… but I can play it at school :slight_smile: , so does anyone have any strats for it? For Rock in particular, since that’s the character I use?

Also, what is some advice you can give for beginners? I mean I’m crappy, but the other people are just god awful… I get 20 game winning streaks and stuff like that.

I haven’t really played the game seriously, just messed around with it with some friends a couple of times. I mostly just tried random combos.

Here’s a stupid little combo for Kevin as my contribution:

J. HP Cr. HPxxqcb LP(hold til it gains the knockdown property, timing is a little tight but it will combo), lvl 1 punch super, juggle with qcb LP (hold it as long as possible for max damage), lvl 1 punch super, then finish with either dp HP, or a third backfist move.

The sweep range high/low/overhead/shortjump game is very important, finding high priority fast pokes as well as long range cancellable pokes. People I have played against fall for recovery roll behind to throw alot for some reason.

Rock doesn’t have too much trouble thanks to his fast approaches and overheads, as well as more mixup options with his specials. Try to find the timing for normals as anti air’s since the recovery is long on the rising tackle, although sometimes you mix it up if your going against a JD master. Sometimes dash back against anti airs is an option since you invunerable during it, and opponents often freeze when something unexpected happens like that.

Kevin is the best because of his far better high/low game and long combos, you have to play a no risk game to beat him since if he gets one clean hit it’s sometimes completely over if he has enough super.

Has anyone noticed that back-dashes are invincible? That’s retarded! I think they’re vulnerable at the end though. Kinda like a backwards CvS2 Roll I guess?

But still, I’ve played matches where whenever someone gets in, bam, backdash. If you’re cornered, backdash to avoid attack or jump-in then punish or grab. Even getting up it seems you can back dash to avoid jump-ins and meaties.

Anyone got any suggestions for stopping it? I thinking trying to bait it, and then hit them at the end if they’re cornered. Or use a long ranged quick move (super FB?). I don’t really know if there are vulnerable at the end or not though.

If u r bored try this combo with Gato:… Oponent near corner

Qcb+D XX A, [ qcb+B XX B ] x 3or4, dp+B (brake), [qcb+B XX B] x 1or2, dp+B, Qcfx2 + C… very dead oponent… the timing is no easy, the A after qcb+D doesnt has to come out, is just to cancel the move… the same with the qcb+B, u have to press B exactly when the foot is on the floor… if u need a rec to figure it out just sayit… Btw, the easy version of that combo is:

Qcb+D XX A, [ qcb+B XX B ] x 5, Qcfx2 + D… and theres a easier one…:

Jump D, C, dp+B (brake), [qcb+B XX B] x 2, dp+B, qcfx2 + C

Just that, bye…

^PD: if anyone knows stupidly hard combos please, tellme about them, cause i want to make a lil garou video…

backdash has been invincible on a lot of snk games. few characters can also cancel backdash into specials. with luck fireball can stop them, as well as ground supers. but slide and c.C normals have best chances. I’d make them use as much backdash as possible though, I mean you’re given a chance to jump on them, really. getting cornered means a lot of disadvantages in this game, plus at corner it’s easier to bait backdashes. Start attacking when they’re backdashing.

Hotokumaro @ corner: close sC, d+PP, 2 hit kick(it may have been df+B or D, forget which one… the one that’s not slide obviously heh), antiair super.

sorry, i don’t know jack about SNK games. What’s c.C? Crouching C? I know there’s LP, HP, LK, and HK.

This stuff is pretty new to me. So the Backdash are vulnerable at the end hey? That’s good to know. I’m really having fun with backdash into special grab/super grab with Tizoc lately.

Can you find match vids anywhere? As for stupidly hard combos, Howabout one involving cancelling into the fake moves and then linking more attacks?

disclaimer. I’m not a tourney player, before some random asshole comes in to talk shit on me.

Yeah, crouching C. but in case of Dong Hwan TOP may be better(safe if you screw up). It’s just a guess in my part, really.

But for fact I know Backdashes are vulnerable in the start and in the end, it’s when they land. I ususally just jump and bait JD, oftentimes I don’t get time to attack.

Tizoc is fun… kof 2k3 Tizoc is kinda stupid though(qcf+cd, wee free super)
anyway with MOTW tizoc you can do dp+p so you land right in front of them or behind them, and do 360 or 720 tick throw.

hmm. tizoc tick throws baits I like.
backdash to dodge, tt(as you do already)
s.lp, wait, tt.
rdp+k, wiff on small/crouching charactes, tt
dp+p, land right next to them, tt
(J Hoon only) when you know he’ll do air d+D close, jump up straight and tt(you do this right and you’ll get JDxxguardcancel)
(risky)TOP, tt
(close to edge) hcf+k, c.C, tt when they recover and land

Again, I’m a Capcom fanboy so crouching C is useless to me. :slight_smile: It’s it his sweep?

I doubt backdashes are vulnerable at the beginning. I’ve avoided waaay too much stuff with them.

I find so much about this game to be crazy.

The selectable “damage boost” meter or whatever it is that you put on your life meter is nuts. I don’t see a reason for not having it on at the beginning, especially for Tizoc. 1 SPD is 50%. Super is usually death. In other games First Attack doesn’t really matter, but in this game the first part of the round can make or break the match.

And the JD cancelling. Free Alpha Counter. crazy.

i keep it at the end on 1.5 so i can have time to build up a P gauge and hit em for massive damage o.o if you have it on at the beginning, you’ve got a good chance of never being able to use a super in TOP mode…

If i put it at it’s smallest and at the end of my bar, i’ll probably never get to use it either.

Sometimes I die because of a combo or super and it kills me before i even get to use the “rage” (WTF is it called anyway?). If you spread it out, and put it on the end, it doesn’t seem soo bad. Like classic SNK red mode.

I know I probably won’t build a meter in time if I make it small and put it up front. But I just want one hit. If I can land a smack or 2, then it has served it’s purpose IMO. It’s better than not being able to use it at all. (which happens to me if I put it at the end sometimes)

However, the 2nd round can be the one where you start off with super meter and massive damage boost. I still laugh out loud when I see a super connect with the damage boost… this game is crazy. :slight_smile:

This is YK. That old account should have been banned or something. Oh well.

So how much better exactly is Kevin better than the others? How horribly broken is he. And is it hard to play him to his fullest like that or can some random person just pick him up?

EDIT: Oh, and anyone know the exact number of frames you have to start guarding before in order to JD?

Well Kevin isn’t that hard to pick up really, the only reason he’s really strong is because his overhead/low specials that can be linked/cancelled into stun super, and then juggle with the stun super again, I don’t use use Kevin myself, but one good hit from his cancellable pokes usually goes into his usual combo cancelled into super.

I haven’t played Garou for ages so I’ve forgotten the details but Kevin with S.power can do something like 50%-60% I think and P.Power usually ends up with you dead.

The arcade version only has the standard 1.25 TOP length. They changed it for the home versions on neo geo and dreamcast.

Can you still change it though?

Either way, that kinda sucks. I Gotta have the +50% SPD. :frowning:

Nice to know though anyhow.

You can change where it’s positioned on the life bar, but you can’t change the length of it. That’s about it. Threw me off at first too, but it’s just how it is.

i just started to get into this game and need help with Kim Kea Hoon. Like strats combos anything would be nice

Here’s my contribution if you want to try some matches with Marco Rodrigues/Kushnood Butt:

Note: You will need tobe in TOP mode todo this combo

j.D -> s.C (2 Hits) -> dp + A/C -> AB cancel -> TOP Attack -> qcf, qcf + D (lv 2 super)

It’s a simple combo, but very strong. To do the super you will need a good timing, but it’s easy to learn :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hi everybody, I’m new at this Forum. Maybe I could help you with something… :slight_smile:

I’m not a Jae player, but the following could be useful for you. He is a well rounded char with a good offensive power. Jae is fast and he can add to his backdash a kick. This often surprise your opponents if you don’t abuse it. His c.C is a great attack. You can combo into and out of it very easy, plus the fact, that it is a fast move with good damage (easy combo example: j.D, c.B, c.C, qcf + A). His Top attack is also very good, especially if your opponent likes to be defensive. It makes easy guard crushs and has no recovery time. This can lead to some nice set ups afterwards, so use the Top attack. Anyway, you should never ever forget, that this move will take a long time to come out. You can also delay a move with Jae, his qcf + A/C. Use this advantage, maybe you are lucky and hit your opponent off guard. Another great thing about Jae is his ability to chain both of his S-Powers together. A combo example would be: j.D, c.C, qcf qcf + A, qcf qcf + B (with a bit practise is this combo a high damaging peace of cake). Maybe you can add the c.B before you make the c.C. I don’t do it with the c.B, because the whole combo is harder to pull out for me then. His breakable move is ok and if you have a full P-Power bar use the qcf qcf + D move for style and damage after a break of his d, u + B/D. Always remember, that Jae has no fireball or really good long range attacks. Try to be as close to your opponent as possible!

@Poucas Trancas
The combo is not correct. You can’t combo after the s.C (2 Hits), only after the first hit of s.C. It is only possible to combo after the second hit, if you play the prototype Rom. But this is not the real game.

Yeah, you’re right Terry_nb! That’s why I couldn’t do this combo on the arcade, because I really discovered this combo on prototype version!!! Thanks for the hint! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: