Garou: MOTW Thread


Not as much as Third Strike, but it does get played. There were two four-slot Neo cabinet where I went to play at Hey! in Akihabara, and Garou got a LOT of play on them; it seemed it was either Garou or RBFFS always being played on those two (Last Blade 2 was on a separate cabinet, and the KOFs were played on different machines in another row, that had a couple of Neowaves, and a couple of four slot’s with dedicated different KOFs).
It does get played, but its not everywhere. Im pretty sure there was no Garou at MORE, and I only remember seeing Garou at one other arcade when I was there. I didn’t hit alpha though. But at Hey!, I definitely had access to a lot of comp, which is why I made the big jump in my abilities between Evo’s. :slight_smile:


Interesting what layout did they have? Box or old skool?


Of the two in Hey!, one used the curved four layout, and the other that I usually played on had a toggle switch so you could change it from either 2x2 or curved.


Sweet thats good to hear!

I want to make the trip sometime next year (finger’s crossed).


Toodles when you coming up again dude? You going to any majors this year? Also Noc are you only gonna be able to make it to EVO West and World? What about you Giby and Magician?

Trust me I am going to set up something like Noc-Magician-Giby vs. Justin Wong in Garou MOTW Exhibition at EVO World 2008…

It’ll be HAWT!!!


For this year yea it seems only West and World for me, school is keeping me from going anywhere ATM. I’m down for anything during those times though, should be a lot of fun.

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West and World for me. No money to travel anywhere else.


Hey great to se a MOTW forum its the best 2d fighting game ever well my opinion anyway :). I dont do tourneys except with my friends i have played this game alot. And if there are any people that need help or something dont be afraid to ask. Im probebly best with hotaru but my all time favourite is Kim jae hoon. i have some unofficial strategy guides for some players if somone is interested. I have the game on Dc and ps2 and on emulator. And i first started to play the game on neo geo. My friend is a Gato lover and a verry good one so if somones interested i can probebly ask him for strategys and pointers.

Ahh info about me im swedish but curently live in Japan and my friends call me Jojo.


Id be interested in Jae but I play Dong and Rock more.


This has probable already been answered but which port is the closest to arcade perfect? And what are the differences? Jojo_01, I wouldn’t mind getting that guide to see what it says ^_^’ Hotaru used to be my favorite back when I played the game.


Emu - Mame32k 0.64
Console - Neogeo MVS then PS2 version (touch faster)

Dont touch DC version


Thanks, I think I have the emu and ps2 version. So, which out of the two is the best to play on? This game is really awesome at high level play. I’ve seen a bunch of come backs on vids.


MAME owns ps2… just because of the crappy music remix on ps2 Oo (that can be set off)
And just because MAME is a hi-fi version of the original arcade, not a conversion.


Its not a guide its a couple of guides most are for one individual character you want them all or jusst somone special?.


If you have them already typed up and stuff, sure why not all of them :tup:


What he said. Depends on the size of the file also but, I like all the characters in this game.


Hey I got a pretty advanced question for you. I’ve seen this video (uploaded by JaimeDL)

And I just can’t figure how Hokutomaru does his sort of “horizontal teleport” at 00:25 (he actually goes through Dong), or at KO mixed up with what seems to be his taunt.
I tried some “D cancels” la Freeman (remember qcf A+D, qcf A) or Kevin Rian but hell, can’t find anything consistant.
I guess it may need to use the start button, I’ve seen some taunt cancelling stuff - I guess.

Who has got a brilliant idea ? :smiley:


Kinda looks like he canceled that other teleport he has with something. Don’t really know but, good find. :tup: Can’t wait to have some free time to actually get into this game again.


d+AB, BC


dang this game is a blast, me and boy just picked it up and have been playinig non stop. I’m really feelin Marco’s high/low game