Garou: MOTW Thread

@Poucas Trancas
Np, it is always good to help players, who still be busy with Garou. :slight_smile:

Hey Poucas Trancas, which part of Brazil are you from? Is the competion for SNK games still going strong? How is the MOTW and KOF scene there? Sorry for going a little off topic but it’s pretty rare to see another brazillian post here frequently. I was born in Salvador, Bahia and the SNK competition was still going strong until I left.

Anyway, back to the topic, here are some Marco combos:

Note: The Jump chain only works on tall characters, against small characters use his usual D.

Jump B-A->dash->A2x->©C->QCF QCF QCF+C or QCf QCF+C

Here you have to use a small shortcut to cancel the ©C with the Ryuuku Ranbu. For example the combo should look like this:

Jump B-A->dash->A->A->QCF QCF+C+D->QCF+C

This shortcut also applies if you want to cancel his shorts kicks but instead you should use B+C.

Jump B-A-> (s) C or D-> DP+A-> Brake-> QCF+B-> QCF QCF+B/D (usual corner juggle)

For your TOP combo instead of using his SDM you can use the Ryuuku Ranbu at level 4.

You can also do this combo with his Feint move:

d+AB->Feint (f+AC)->walk forward->(s)D-> DP+A-> Brake-> TOP->QCF QCF QCF+C(level 4)

Jump B-A->(s)C/D->Feint(f+AC)->walk forward->D->DP+C->Brake->QCF QCF+C/D or QCF QCF QCF+C

Note: The Ryuuku Ranbu MUST be at level four, you will see that he will do a bunch of fireballs instead and end with a DP/Kick move. The timing for the “walk forward D” is a bit tough, I found I had a easier time connecting if I used a (s)D instead of C but that’s just me. I also had to use a DP with C because if you use A he wont launch the opponent for some reason (maybe the distance).

There are a lot of variations for his juggles but most of them people are already aware, you can also do some funky stuff if you hit with a counter DP.

I remember Combofiend used to be a beast with Marcos, I think I still remember some rushdown/mindgames techniques. I will post more later, lets keep this topic alive.

@Testament X
Yeah, keep this thread alive.^^ In one of your mentioned Marco/Butt combos (Jump B-A->(s)C/D->Feint(f+AC)->walk forward->D->DP+C->Brake->QCF QCF+C/D or QCF QCF QCF+C) is it really hard for me to get the timing down for the walk D. I tried it just a few minutes ago and had some troubles with it. Maybe I press the foreward button to long?

anyway try this cool and damaging combo with Terry folks (use it as a corner combo):
f, f + C, s.C, Feint move (f+AC), s.C, f + C, qcf qcf + C

Maybe I post some other stuff later …

Yeah, this combo is kind of hard because he must connect the close D right after the feint move, so if you are not careful most of the times you will get a far D. You have to remember that you must use the f+AC instead of d+AC to cancel his (s)C/D since he recovers faster

Also it is easier if you don’t hold forward while pressing C to cancel into his feint, like this:

Jump B-A->neutral-(s)C/D->press f+AC->keep holding forward and hit D.

I know it sounds silly but some people have a habit of holdind forward while doing those 2 in 1, but in this case it makes the combo a little bit harder since you are going to have to let go anyway in order to use his feint.

I did this combo against Griffon if that helps but I’m going to mess a little bit more to see the properties against other characters.

@Testament X
The thing with the neutral seems to be helpful, I will check it out today. Thank you for the help.:slight_smile:

Feint Dash Cancel

I just found something about his Feint combo that could be useful to other characters also. In reality Marco doesn’t walk but instead he does a quick dash cancelling into his D kick.

The reason this happens is because since you were in neutral state you had to press forward for his AC attack, the second time you press forward he will cancel his feint move into the dash and finally cancel the dash into his D kick. All this happens in less than a second so you have to be quick.

I call this technique Feint Dash Cancel [FDC](yeah,I know ggx already uses this abbreviation but this is the best I could come up).

Therefore the combo should look like this:

Jump B-A->(s)C->Neutral->F+AC->F(FDC)->D->DP+C->Brake…ect

Now think of the possibilities for mind games with this technique, if the opponent guesses wrong he will be in deep shit, if he turtles you throw him. Normally you are not able to cancel basic moves into a dash but with FDC it’s possible.

This makes Marcos a scary opponent indeed since he also has his dash counters and overheads.

Some combos that uses FDC on small opponents:

(s)C->F+AC->F(FDC)->D->DP+A->Brake->TOP->QCF QCF QCF+C or QCF QCF+C/D

Normally if you do the (s)D right after the Feint without using the FDC you can only use DP+C since the distance doesn’t allow Marco to launch the opponent. If you want to use his DP+C combo anyway you could try this:

(s)C->F+AC->F(FDC)->A->(s)D->DP+C->Brake->QCF QCF+C/D or QCF QCF QCF+C

Of course there are endless variations and maybe I will write some strategies later.

There it is, I don’t know if this technique was already found but I haven’t seen anyone write anything about it (in other forums also). Too bad the MOTW scene is so small, this is a great game for high level of competition.

@Testament X
Thanks again for the infos, Marco/Butt seems to be more interesting for me now. Btw, FDC sounds good …:wink:

I like Garou very much. The Competition is really not that big were I live. :frowning: Most of the better players are sadly normally only Dong Hawn users. I don’t like that, because he can be really scary for my Terry and it gets boring … Anyway, thanks to kaillera I can find players online now. Even when there is often lag it is fun.

Jae Hoon (summary/addition to Terry_nb’s):

quick stuff on the normals/command moves

c. C - crouching hard punch which is actually a kick. Combos into a ton of stuff. The staple of his BnBs. Abuse it. Know its range EXACTLY.

c. B - good short poke. Hien Zan cancelable.

j. D - air to ground combo starter. lots of priority. comes out a little slow. Combo into c. C.

j. A - air to ground quick poke. use with low jump to keep people honest. Be careful you don’t get predictable. Combos into c. C if deep enough ( I think ).

j. C - air to air. decent priority.

b, b+B - the backdash move. dashes back, then forward with a kick. Disrupt opponents rushdown.

Try to practice “psychic” qcf+A/C. Works against that hokutomaru move where he pops out of the air above you.

If spaced correctly, qcf+B/D is mostly safe if blocked.

And yeah, the TOP move is really good.

FDC in guard crush strings anyone? Never tried it before.

I have a question guys and girls. I started to play with Jenet a bit more now and don’t seem to know any really deeper stuff. It would be cool if someone could give me infos about her combos and so on.

Hotaru Strats

Ok i was trying to look for a second person to play with since i play with Kea Hoon. Now i’ve found some interest in Hotaru if anybody know’s something like Strats, combos, and different things for her. Help would be nice!!!:slight_smile:

@ Doren2k
Hotaru is often considered as one of the weakest chars, but like always in the right hands she can dish some pain out of her opponents (not like a top tier, but anyway …). I like to play with her and so I know a bit more for her then for Jae. Never expect to much damage outside of her combos. She is well rounded for offense and defense IMO. Your usual air to ground move is the j.D, which is good as a combo starter. I don’t use other air normals normally, because they arn’t that good. For more variarity in your air game use the air special move (qcb + B/D). This move hits often if you don’t overuse it (especially on fireball happy players), but be prepared to get a counter if it is blocked. Her stomp (in the air, d + B) can also sometimes be usefull. Hotarus s.C is your normal, which leads easy into special moves and opens some combo possibilitys (example for a P-Potential corner combo: j.D, s.C, qcb + B (Break), qcf qcf + D). Her close s.B is a good poke and her close s. or c.As are also good for that and can lead to combos. The rest of her normals isn’t so usefull, maybe her far s.D for range or her sweep to mix some things up. Hotarus AB move is good against people who sweep a lot. Never use her TOP attack, it does tiny damage, the range is damn short and you often get punished if you use it. Only do that move once in a while. Her Potentials are both good for combos. The qcf qcf + A/C is also good for a guard crush. You can use the qcf qcf + B/D as an anti air. Don’t forget, that if your opponent block this move you eat usually a combo or Potential. Speaking of anti air, her dp + B/D is a good one. Hotarus breakable move is not bad but also not that good either, because it can lead only in corners to combos. An interesting fact is, that it can reflect fireballs. Remember always to break the move, because of the recovery time. Hotaru has a cool throw game, what not every player know. She has an ok normal throw, but also a command (hcf + D) and air throw (close f/d/b + C). The air throw can be pretty good at times and the command throw can be a nice surprise. I hope this will help you to explore Hotarus fighting style and maybe improve your knowledge about her.^^

Is there any good combos for her?

I have a question:

why is Terry’s crackshot so good? (i heard it was good)

any Terry and Kain combos would be nice.


Finally a char topic made for me.^^ Terry’s Crack Shoot is a great anti-air if you are a bit from your opponent away. The second thing is the really good damage and that it is an overhead. Even if people know this since a long time now, you can still catch a lot of people off guard with it. A third thing is, that you can get some nice juggels out of a counter Crack Shoot hit (example: gcb + D (counter hit), dp + B/D (Brake), qcf qcf + B/D :cool: ).

some Terry combos in no special order:
(in TOP mode) j.D, s.C, CD
j.D, s.C, f, f + A, f, f + A, f, f + A
s.C, f + C, qcf qcf + C
j.D, s.C/c.C, qcf qcf + B/D
s.C, dp + B/D (Brake), dp + B/D
s.C, dp + B/D (Brake), qcf qcf B/D
(in corner) s.C, Feint move (f + AC), s.C, f, f + A, f, f + A, f, f + A
(in corner) s.C, Feint move (f + AC), s.C, dp + B/D (Brake), qcf qcf B/D
(in corner) f, f + C, s.C, Feint move (f+AC), s.C, f + C, qcf qcf + C
(in corner) f, f + C, s.C, Feint move (f+AC), s.C, Feint move (f+AC), c.C, qcf qcf + B/D

How good/bad is Jenet? She seems to be a pretty safe character up close and her Triangle jumps are pretty useful for mixups. Any strategies or combos would be helpful. Thanks.

w00t! I just discovered that A-Town has a Last Blade 2/Samurai Shodown 5/Garou: MOTW little cabinet! 25 cents too!

Now that I may actually play someone else human (I have a crappy 56k, so no kaillera for me), I need Rock stuff.

I don’t need to know his basics since I’ve played him for a bit, but any combos would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Oh yeah, and does Rock’s qcb+D actually have any use at all? I always get nailed.

Yes Kouga, I think Rock’s qcb + D is good in some mix ups to confuse your opponent. You can try to use it after a j.D, s.C/c.C. With this little combo you can change sides, which can lead to a surprise for the other player and maybe you could use that small advantage to nail him/her with a S. or P. Potential. I never use the move outside of combos, because nearly everytime I try it in other cases, I get hit. I hope this will help you a bit.

Heres a great idea: Kawaks replay’s displaying some hard combos.

I have a couple Terry’s, not to impressive but having finally perfected some feint combos, I felt proud of myself :smiley:

(fAC) = foward AC feint
(AB) = break

combo 1:
(I messed up on the first try and a power wave came out)
s.C, (fAC), s.C, (fAC), qcf X2 C

Note: I found buffering greatly helpful in these combos. Right after the second s.C, do qcf A+C, qcf C. The first qcf uses the foward for the feint command and acts as the first qcf for the super too.

combo 2: s.C, (fAC), dp+D, (AB), qcf X2 D

I guess you cold add a jump in D to all of these but I’m lazy.

Couple other things: Has anyone seen that Powertip combo video? In it theres a terry combo where it relies on counter hits that spin the opponent, other wise some of the hits woulnd’t connect in time. I’ve been trying to do this combo but I cant seem to control which counter hits spin the opponent!

I think it goes like this: s.C (spin stun), (fAC), f, f+C, s.A, s.A (spin stun), f, f+C, c.A X3, qcf A (spin stun), qcf X2 C

Problem is, my never spins on the second s.A. Actually, they spin on the first s.A and thats only sometimes. Anybody know what determines spin stun on a counter hit?

Your combos are ok :), but I would say you should try the Terry combo in my attachment (it is the first input). It is not that hard and does good damage. The s.C (spin stun), (fAC), f, f+C, s.A, s.A (spin stun), f, f+C, c.A X3, qcf A (spin stun), qcf X2 C looks pretty hard. This should really work metaphist, because especially all the stuns seem to be complicated to achive. I always search for new Terry combos, so thanks for this one. If I have some time, I will try it out.

In my attachment is also some basic Hotaru stuff (the second input). Can somebody give me cool Feint combo ideas for her or for Jennet? I try to learn this two since a few days.^^