Garou:MOTW, what am I doing wrong?!?!


I’m basically a complete noob to the 2d fighter scene.
I’ve been playing SFII since it came out, and I’m good. I’m 28 now so that’s a lot of years playing SFII.
Anyway, I only found this site because I’m into emulation and wanted to build a decent, authentic stick for SFII.

I really hadn’t realised that there was a 2D fighter ‘scene’!!

So I’ve lurked a bit, Played a bit of GGPO, and have found myself getting into Garou.

I love the game!! I really like the ‘weight’ of contact when a special hits an opponent, it looks great, it’s not one of these annoyingly fast button mashers and it’s intuitive and comfortable to play.

When I play GGPO I do OK, not great, but OK. Far from rubbish…

But when I play single player, which is most of the time, I rarely get past the third opponent!!??!
And I mean really rarely, 1 in 15 times maybe!!

I’ve tried all the characters and favour Terry, but I’ll often use Butt too (I’m always Ken in SFII and he’s the generic Ken’Ryu character all fighters seem to have!!). And occasionally I’ll play Kim Jae Hoon.
All nice and easy to use, but after I destroy the first two characters in ‘S’ level fights and even the odd miracle, I go on to get thumped by the third opponent!!!?!?

Am I missing something??
I’d guess I’m probably at least an average level player and I’d assume that by now I should be fighting my way to the last few battles… shouldn’t I??

Cheers all



Garou is a great game. Although I think this is a question that should be moved to the dedicated Garou-thread at

I’m sure some people there will be able to answer your question (I don’t have a clue myself)

Playing against a game AI is entirely different from playing a human opponent. It’s mostly about pattern memorization rather than about out thinking/guessing what your opponent’s going to do. Your most clever cross ups or high-low fakes won’t amount for anything, you’re just as likely to hit with anything. By that same token, the computer will often do things like strong burn knuckle for no discernible reason, easily leading to a high damage combo.

With MotW I can remember a few specific ways the AI was predictable that you might try to take advantage of:

If you block low, the computer will do an overhead. You can use this to bait a relatively slow overhead and counter with whatever, often leading to a counter hit launch which can mean huge damage.

If you jump over the opponent, and cross him up, he will often do a standing anti air, often multihit. I don’t remember if this holds true for everyone, but I know it did for Kain, he’d do that multi hit kick. You probably know it’d be coming so jump in, just defend, and punish him.

As a general rule, if you throw a fireball you’re going to get punished. If memory serves, every character had something they’d do if you tried to throw a fireball from, say, 3/4 of the screen. Say you notice that every time you throw out a particular move, Hokutomaru teleports above you and hits you, that should be a key indication of you not wanting to use that particular move.

Some characters could use some pretty unsafe moves safely against the computer. With Hotaru you could do her Ren Geki Shuu or whatever (back fireball kick in the air) safely. And Rock can do low jab, low jab, jab hard edge almost without fear of counters. B. Jenet, Jea Hoon or Dong Hwan have reasonably safe dive kicks. Just figure out what attacks you can throw out that the computer won’t counter.

Of course you could learn more complicated things like feint pressure strings to guard crush, high damaging combos, or whatever high level techniques you’d want to genuinely crush the computer, or perhaps even a human opponent, but for that I’d suggest you look through the actual MotW thread. The game’s easy enough to beat if you just learn how to deal with the computer’s AI.

Beating single player is as easy as

  1. Learn JD
  2. Crank up difficulty.
  3. Jump-in and JD antiair.
  4. Land and hit them out of the air, or jump again if too far.

This is the only SNK fighter I can one-coin. It’s really that easy.


just out of curiosity, how did you do against the ST AI? the arcade one.

Can 1 coin SF & SF:CE no problem.

Can get to the end dude on SFIII with a coin too occasionally. Just damn Garou!! lol

Garou’s AI is real easy to beat because like everyone already mentioned you can bait the AI to do what you want. Especially if you play the game on level 8 the AI reacts to what you do so all you have to do is bait it. Here is an example of how easy the AI is:


Also if one of the mods can merge this with the main Garou thread that would be great thanks.

my only problem is Hokutomaru, the kid is beast

but yeah snk games are hardcore hard in general