Garou MOTW woes



I bought this game recently because I’ve always wanted to try what is said to be the pinnacle of SNK fighters. After hearing it had online I was pumped! Then I got the game and NOONE is freakin’ on. There is maybe one player in ranked matches but I’d rather practice before going into the ranked matches.

Does anyone else have this problem? If someone wants to play with me sometime that would be awesome. Check out my gamertag and add me.


i bought it and i definitely am super begginer (read: suck;never play it)
had it forDC back in the day
if you see me challengeif you wnat
’red larry’


More people would be on but the netcode is fucking assssss.

Seriously the games netcode is horrid.

There is mad lag and host advantage.


yeah i know what you mean. Personally, I love garou more than the new king of fighters but with no one on and the extreme lag, it’s just painful to play.


I usually have no lag when I play garou, but on 98um I get tons. So not sure about that one. Just play with people that have under 100ms and you’ll be fine.


You guys should jump on GGPO/2DF where most of the better players are playing. You can use your 360 pad/stick on your pc. The online is horrible on xbox live :sad:.