Introduce yourself or something, or if you want to play leave a way to contact you. Discuss all things Garou, I guess.

I play everyone, but preferrably Terry or Freeman.

I’m bored now, so play me!

I’m not that good, buti’ll play…


I’m always up for good games though I rarely play online anymore since I have people I can play offline, but if you guys want to play just IM me up. Take care.

I play on Kaillera regularly.

I use Rock/Hwang/Hotaru/Hotakumaru/Jae/Terry

You can find me on numerous IM’s or on IRC (just leave a PM) under Nagata

I’m online now if anyone wants to play. So damn bored.

Find me in Godweapon.

Too bad you can’t win with your scrubby tactics… jD, sD, projectile/super…you suck…

You know I luv u

I’d love to play all of you, but online play frustrates me, keyboard+lag don’t mix that well with me. If the game ever comes out for XBL, with little to no lag, I’m there…whenever I get a normal XB with live.

hey just got this fun ass game lookin for somebody to bust my ass.
aim: supersayinjeff
ps. anyone know a good convertor for ps2>usb

I just started getting into this game as well. Any help with getting better is appreciated.

This is the converter I use. No lag with controllers or my stick.

Someone teach me Freeman!

What up?
I’m on God Weapon (2 I think) as ‘Kicks’. I use Dong and Hokutomaru. Hope to see you guys in there^^
Also… Do you guys know how to set this game to console version while playing on Kaillera? I’m on Mame32k.64.

GGs yesterday Kicks… nice to see some new players out there; hit me up on aim if u ever wanna get some games in. I don’t play Garou as much as I used to but it’s a classic and draws me back in every so often. Anyone else who wants to play a few give me a ring a ding. ;]

Oh and for console… once u launch, tab to dipswitches and change arcade to home… then lshift+f10, then f3 to reset.

Also, they’re still doing updates at :tup:

I wish I had high speed internet… :sad:

Maybe sometime in the future I might go back on Kaillera for some fun, but otherwise, I’m gonna have to stick to playin… ALONE!!! :wasted:

So far, I’m rather comfortable usin Hotaru; that bitch is sick. :qcf::bgrin:

Thanks lando! By the way… what was/is your nick on Kaillera?
See ya tonight I hope!

ggs to kicks last nite

<— ¤-!¡{}¡!- £åñðø -!¡{}¡!-¤

I might get back into it, still undecided. I needed to step away from awhile and adjust the way I was coming off.

What up Seth! Good games bro!
Lando! That was you! You’re the best MotW I’ve ever seen! Howard arena? They’re really good, but the stuff you busted out tops most of it I think.

I’m in the proccess of making a basic stuff video for MotW including:
> Just Defence
> Feint moves
> Break moves
> T.O.P
> Special & Potential Powers
> Basic & Advanced Combos

It will probably take me a while so be patient for that…

I used to play MOTW regularly but I dont have a comp that has a joystick port… Once I get my new comp, it’s a reynolds wrap…