Garou MOW

does anyone out there play Garou Mark of the Wolf. I’ve been playing the demo and have thoroughly enjoyed myself and was wondering if there is a strong community around this game

I wanted the Dreamcast version for the longest time. I played it on NeoRageX back in the day. I used mainly Terry.

I play it on GGPO. I use mostly Tizoc, he is too awesome for words, despite having virtually a 9-1 Match up with Kevin or the fact you can basically negate his command grabs if you have meter through a glitch.

I’ve got the Xbox LIVE version but the community for that dried up pretty quick.

I did get a session with someone who explained the game deeper than I had ever gone, though. I welcomed that.

Just play it on GGPO. I’d be up for games sometimes, I main Jenet.

yup, there`s a good community for the game:

Go here

awesome thanks a bunch for all your inputs. I just downloaded GGPO and will be playing on there. Happy I finally figured out what GGPO was and it helped save me 10 instead of buying on xbox

though I am unable for ages to do an AB cancel, except maybe Jenet, I really like that game.
I play random mostly.

Hotaru player here, GGPO, when I can get on. Excellent and fluid 2D game, back when fighters were pure attack, and none of this runaway BS that’s everywhere now.

Great game, I have it on live, and on the Dreamcast. Also if you’re close to southern TN, there is a place in my town that has a tournament for the game every so often. Good times.

Please use the existing Garou thread.