Garouden breakblow

Ive just got this game and it looks interesting. Its a 3d fighter with characters from baki in it. If anyone knows movelist/combos please post. Thanks

Just watched a video here.
Didn’t look that great, but was hard to tell how it actually played from the video. Seemed like it was really slow mo, or fighters just trading blows real fast. So I’m curious, since you have it, how does it play?

Side note, I love the Baki series, but have only had the pleasure to watch up to the end of the big tournament season, think that’s the third one, not sure. But anyway’s I didn’t see Baki or any other major characters from the series. Are you sure it is based on Baki? I know there is side story series about other characters and some seasons I haven’t seen.

There was a Baki fighter for PS2 a ways back.
But like this review, all I heard was that it wasn’t even worth looking at.

That series has a quality cast of characters and styles for a fighter, would like to see one done right. Actually thinking about it, that whole tournament season of Baki could have been about almost any fighting game itself, heh, just insert characters.

I really cant tell about the speed b/c I cant figure out any combos. The pokes seem slow but the computer has pulled some insane quick combos on me.
Yojiro hanma(baki’s dad) is in it and a few more I think.
I saw a review and vid for old baki game and it looked horrible.

I wanted to see if anyone had played this and get some input before I decide on this game.

Yojiro is in it? He would have to be beyond god tier to stay true to the show. I want info on this game as well, is it on US PS2, or only Japan?

Only japanese. Supposedly they are making a sequel so someone is playing it.
Still looking for movelist/combos…damn I really want to get into this game.
heres the vid from their site

Saw the interest and did some research, a sequel is due out this year and here are some combo clips I posted on NewChallenger just today:

Garouden Break Blow Bunshichi Tanba Combo Clip

Garouden Break Blow Ryoji Kyubo Combo Clip

More to come.

Thanks. Any help is appreciated. If you can find a movelist that would be great. The combos vids are helpful also. Thanks again.

havent had time to play anything at all. hopefully I will get some free time this weekend to play this game.

Bump! Bought this for a friend and we’ve no clue how to play.

The sequel is due in March, so I will be picking that up. I havent seen any juggles in the juggles. Which is a good thing if you ask me. I’ve been itching for a fighting game that finally got rid of them.

Sorry for not posting, I’m all up in some Ultimate Muscle so i haven’t been playing this. Still need a move list.

Bump. Just watched some footage of this game and it looks incredible. I really enjoyed ESP’s Hajime no Ippo All Stars (Victorious Boxers 2), so I have some high hopes about this. Have you had a chance to spend any more time with it, Buck?

Not really. I cant get anyone I know to play it so I’m on my own. Also my PS2 is having a problem loading it. I still dont understand the basics of this game. Do you have links to those videos or are they the same ones that have been posted.

I played with a few characters. It seems that direction + button mostly give different attacks. If I recall I only saw diferent attaces using four directions (not eight).

There are three chains on a life bar, when a chain breaks, you get a respective super (done with a combination of two buttons I can’t remember ATM). Naturally, the levels of the supers correspond to the number that broke. Seems that the supers vary, some are triggered by connecting the first hit, other seem to be counters.

I’ll write more if/when I’ve a chance to place more.