Gas or Coal Grill?

Its pretty simple. I’m looking into getting a decent grill (as opposed to the cheap POSs that can’t cook a pop-tart), and am trying to figure out the best type to get. Its not something I have tons of experience with so I was hoping some folks on SRK could throw their opinions out htere to help a brother out.

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I liked the taste of charcoal grilled meats more, personally, back when I still ate meat.

I understand why people use gas/propane but nothing beats the taste of coal. Idk what it is coal just tastes amazing to me. I also love bbq when you start mixing in some wood chunks or chips, that shit tastes awesome. Get a pit with a small smoker attached to the side, opens your options as far as taste and methods of cooking meat. I don’t have much experience with smokers (gonna have to get my older bro to show me some stuff) but smoked food is always a plus in my book.

EDIT: It is because of this thread I’m going out to my favorite BBQ place tonight for dinner.


i love coal grilling my meat w/beer assist.

coal all the way

Back when you may have been considered a man…

Anyhow, charcoal is more…authentic(?) It gives whatever you’re cooking a different flavor and tends to cook differently depending on how you spread the coals. Gas is just easier I suppose seeing as all you have to do is turn that fucker on and start cooking. I would think you would have less options with a gas grill.

Coal just for portability. You can drag a little coal grill anywhere and with a cooler of something to drink on (usually beer) and some meat to grill up, you’ve got something going anytime you and some friends are at a spot.

That being said, the lack of jokes regarding propane and propane accessories even this far in the thread is somewhat suprising.

First propane accessories joke stone cast


Well it doesn’t need to ‘more’ per say for a year…so I’m not too worried about portability. Ease is important as its something I’d like to do ‘frequently’ - several times a week.

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Ease of use: Gas

Flavor; better taste (YMMV): Coal

EDIT: Get yourself a gas grill unless you actually like it when the carcinogens of the coal coat your food.

Poor fool, doesn’t know charcoal comes from trees and not the ground.

If you plan to grill during the week go with propane. Time is money.

Coal grills give meat a more distinct smoky flavor (obvious on steaks but no difference on burgers) but IMO it’s not worth the time and trouble it takes to set up, cook, and clean. Also with coal grills you can’t control the temperature or use different grilling methods like you can with a gas grill. Also in the long run gas grills are way cheaper.

I love to cook and I’m really big on grilling I’ll spend hours making a dish if I feel it’s worth it however, the marginal benefit of a stronger smoky flavor really isn’t worth all the hassle it comes with. And the chemicals in the lighter fluid can throw off the taste of the meat if not properly burned off which doesn’t happen often but still something to keep in mind.

Gayest thread ive ever read on this website.

Charcoal? Really? That’s the worst way to fuck up your meat. I can grill with wood chips and it’s fine because the burn is clean. With Propane you get to taste the meat, not the heat and quite honestly all of you probably eat wheat grass and humus and haven’t seen a football game in your life.

It makes a difference in burgers when you start using different woods. Mesquite burgers are so yum.

I love hummus and football bitch.

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Burgers cook fast, that means they don’t spend enough time inside the grill to have any smoke from either a fruity or hard wood be properly infused into the burger, generally using different wood chips to get the desired extra flavor only works when you BBQ meat which is not the same thing as grilling.

You might be different but most people can’t taste the difference between gas or coal in burgers.

Also the carcinogens from coal grills aren’t a big deal as long as you put some thyme over the meat which absorbs most of that shit from the smoke.

Get one that does both. Seriously, there are just some things you want that charcoal flavor for (steaks), and some things that you want the precise temperatures that gas gives (potatoes, foods that are already smoked or heavily marinated).

Charcoal-grilled meats taste so good. But yeah, DRD’s suggestion is the best.

OP didn’t specify if he was talking about regular coal or charcoal. Infact, he just put down coal, so I’m forced to believe that he’s talking about the coal that comes from the ground. And fuck implications based on the subject matter.