GATCHAMAN the movie

concept arts:

CG render images:


The Utoland, Joe’s muscle car at the left corner.
Car chase sence of Joe
Galactor invade ISO

“the team in ISO lobby, Joe was arrested by ISO solider.”
“For sure you know who is playing yoyo. The city look is inspired by HK”
“Phoenix in Utoland, mission start! This Phoenix is a still work in progress version…”

sneek peek/interview
Creative Director of Imagi blog

WTF? Not only this, but there’s a new Casshern series starting in October. I think Tatsunoko is trying to hype Dat TVC.

It’s working.

Oh shit, this looks amazing. Hopefully it will be good.

Looks good so far. And yes, Tatsunoko will use TvC as an opportunity to hype up their new shows.

Holy shit, they’re actually continuing this!

yea i read on mmcafe that it was Tats’ idea for TVC, they went to capcom and ask them to make it

OH SNAP!!! My childhood is coming back! thankyou to the original poster for this!!! Somebody PLEASE pos-rep him for me someone!!! THANK YOU!!! :pray:


gawd damn…i thought it wasnt gonna look good after hearing they were doing in tmnt style. but its sick…i def am down for this.

If u want I can PM you with the OG Gatchaman series with JP dub and eng. subs :wink:

Here’s hoping it will be good and the CGI to rock as well.

^They’re also in youtube I think.

Wait a minute I read at another forum that this movie was canceled? What’s the deal here?

G-Force is back! I wonder if they will still have the OG Ameircanized names for the US version.

Dirk Daring!

movie still goin on. the old director dropped out (dude who did TMNT) and they changed the writer (BATMAN TAS!). and the movie’s better for it.

Can not wait for this one. Thanks for the pic links.

Here’s to hoping that it won’t bomb like fellow Tatsunoko property “Speed Racer”.

This movie would’ve been a hit during the early-mid '90’s “Power Rangers” mania, and when “G-Force” was last airing in the U.S on Cartoon Network. But I don’t know how kids would react to this today…I mean, they’re still obviously making yearly PR installments, but have any of them been even as half as profitable and successful as the original MMPR???

If you guys want to catch up on the OG Gatchaman, then definitely hit up ADV’s box-set releases of the whole series that they released a couple of years ago…they’ve effectively supplanted the old English “Battle of the Planets” and “G-Force: Guardians of Space” dubs as THE definitive English version, but I still prefer “G-Force” even with its flaws and its lack of an ending (neither BotP & G-Force translated the last Gatchaman episodes). Those ADV sets are gonna become scarce soon I predict, with “Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom” getting people to look up Tatsunoko’s work and now this movie. They’ve been out of print for years now, and the “Gatchaman” franchise is currently unlicensed in the U.S due to the long-time owner of its rights (Sandy Frank Entertainment) having lost them last year.

Paul Dini = Instawin. :woot:

I don’t think people have to know much something before they watch it. Besides, this will be an origin story.

I wonder who will voice who.

HUGE Gatchaman fan. I can’t wait for this.

This movie has a good chance of being great.

u know alex ross is gonna be bugging him to do poster art…and i have no problem wit that lol.