Gateway gm5076e audio driver?

My sister gave me her old computer which happens to have wayyyy better specs than both my computers. I reinstalled windows xp since i didnt want to go through deleting her stuff. I installed all needed drivers for my computer except the onboard audio driver because when I tried installing the drivers, it wouldn’t want to install. I looked everywhere online on this but nothing helped. I’ve tried a realtek, sigmatel, and soundmax drivers and none of them worked. I have no money for a real soundcard so if you could help me, that would be great :smiley: thanks

Oh boy, Gateway and their audio drivers.

I forgot exactly how I (or maybe my mother?) got it to work, but I know it’s not as simple as downloading driver and installing. It was a real pain to do.

i tried a few more drivers and it still wont work :frowning:

Okay, try this one out.

Go to the device manager and look for your audio device. If it has the option to uninstall driver, do so.

Restart your laptop and let Windows detect this again. Do not install anything. Go back to the Device manager and Update Driver. Point it to the correct driver.

Have you tried going to Gateway’s site and putting in your serial # or searching for another model with the same sound card that you could download the driver for?

Gateway Support - Drivers, Software and Firmware Updates

Also you can get little USB sound dongles for as low as $3 which require no drivers.

yes, I’ve uninstalled drivers, update driver, and that serial number stuff. In fact, the serial number thing doesn’t give me the sound driver.

And do USB dongles have sound latency or HQ sound? I plan to run FL studios for music production on that machine.

screenie if it helps

Google Gateway GM5076E
Look at spec to find Sigmatel® 9220 audio
Google Sigmatel® 9220 audio driver
First search result points to this file

Now you know…

nice try… it still wont work after I installed it.

What’s in the Other devices?

pci simple communications controller
unknown device (some lpc interface controller)