Gateway Monitor for ps3 hdm/componenti adapter


I have this unused Gateway monitor model: TFT1980PS product: FPD1960 and I want to use it for my ps3. Is there any adapters for it? It has DVI and VGA ports but I keep hearing about adapters not working and I really don’t want to go through 20 different adapters until I find the right one. Thanks.


I use an HDMI to DVI cable on my Gateway monitor. Never had a single problem with it.


what Bigboss said. Just get an HDMI to DVI cable. Connect the HDMI to the PS3 and the DVI to the monitor. They use the same digital video signal, so no conversion necessary.
Video Cables - <b>HDMI/DVI</b>

This just leaves the problem of the audio, since DVI cannot carry audio. You’ll need to connect the composite video adapter (red, white, yellow) to your PS3 and then hook up the red and white audio cables to some sort of speaker (you might need an RCA to 3.5mm audio cable). Then set your PS3 to output audio through it. I’ve heard this is possible, but I haven’t seen this in person yet.


ah sweet! I’m going to buy that right now. thanks


you have to make sure that monitor is HDCP compliant, otherwise a PS3 wont work on it at all regardless of what adapter you use.


How do I find that out? I see nothing on it that says HDCP anywhere.


Not true, there are various illegal ways to get around this, and some legal ways.