Gather of the Demons: fight group

So on my one thread, there was an idea for us akumas to from a training group every now and then so we can all perfect our demon skills, Im pretty much down for that. If anybody’s interested they should reply so we can get a set date for an endless battle.
Scrub akumas (the ones that do nothing but jump back and do air fireballs lol) can come too…if they don’t get the proper training, they get any better. Hit me up if yer down!!!

I’m down. I’ve been wanting to play Akuma for god knows how long, but I just can’t see myself using him consistently cause I tend to have horrible execution in general. So maybe training with you can help my execution be on point.

im down. gamertag is to the left.

DEFINITELY down. I’m a scrub but I don’t play like one, if that makes sense. My friends list is full so message me please before the add, there is probably some random player I can remove :slight_smile:

I’m good to go. I recently got XBL … GT is MindGamesAllDay.

I also play Rose and Adon, if anyone wants practice for those matchups.

I’d be down for this. Add me up. Gamertag is Spish0 <- zero.

I’m in.

I don’t need much practice against other Akuma’s but maybe I’ll see something new. If anything it’ll be fun to see everyone’s different play-style.

My style is very very VERY nice!:bgrin: Anyone wanna get a room going today? I may sign on @5pmEST for some online play

Let the first session of the “KILLING-MOON DOJO” begin

I’m in.

Killing Moon Dojo

I like that name and alright everyone send a friend invite to Undying Gotunks and we’ll get this going as soon as we can.

Count me in! Gamertag => C Monkeys

tags to the left

i think ive got a pretty solid Gouki.

I’ll be on Jecht v3 starting now til the end of tonight. I’ll be messaging people and seeing what’s up

I’ll be on tonight starting @ 11:30pm EST

& will be imagining my opponent is that annoying chick from the “progressive” ad’s. She need’s kicked in the teeth and Akuma is always available for that. :karate:

Thinking about live broadcasting most of my matches on in the near future on a daily basis, just need the tech to make it possible.:bgrin:

See everyone on XBL

To be honest, nothing good will come from this unless we have some higher level Akumas join in… We won’t learn much from playing people at or below our level. If anything its counter productive

Ive seen your vids and “very very nice” isnt what I’d call it. I know Im not good with Akuma but I know for sure that you gotta cut that random shit out

First, You gotta change your gamertag to MIAxJames, GO HEAT!:bgrin:

I’ll see what I can come up with when we play as long as we get a good connection. I have tightened up my game since I last uploaded a video to my page. I’ll save some more recent matches and upload em’ soon.

Added everyone from this topic but no one is on atm.

I received your request but have not yet accepted. Reason is I’m at capacity, will have to see who I can realistically remove. I’ll accept it soon. Cheers!

I’m down…

Gamertag: z0sum

This is a great idea and I cant wait to play some fellow Akuma players. Im definitely not the best but it’s not like ultimately terrible.

My gt is IPPKK

If anyone plays on ps3 add me, my psn is dunkarood

I want to… I sooooooooooooooooooooooooo want to!! :sad: