Gauging Interest for Auburn Hills, MI HD Remix series


How many people would show up if I were to host Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix tournaments at Chill Zone in Auburn Hills? I haven’t set it up yet, but I’m seeing how many would show up. If I get enough interest, I’ll get in touch with them and get this started.

Time: Every other Saturday (open to changing) at 1 PM EST
Location: Chill Zone
3073 E Walton Blvd
Auburn Hills, MI 48326

Fee: $10 + $5 Venue
Prize Distribution: Entry fee back to 4th, then 60% to First, 25% to Second, 15% to Third.
Format: Double elimination, best three out of five 3-round fights.
Akuma would be ALLOWED until proven banworthy.
Winner of each individual fight picks their character, then the loser of each individual fight in a round is allowed to select theirs.

Art, who runs the place, has said that the fee to play on non-tournament machines would be lowered to $2/hr for all entrants of the tournament, if there is one. I’ve run multiple Brawl tournaments at Chill Zone over the summer, and it’s an exceptional venue. There’s a 7/11, Hungry Howie’s, and a Dairy Queen within the plaza that Chill Zone is, and I haven’t had a problem running tournaments there yet.


gauge interest in the regional sub forums. the tournaments & events sub forum is crowded enough as it is with legit tournaments. confirm before you post here.


Ah, my apologies. I’ll repost the topic post-haste.