Gaurd Break options

Just a thread for things you can do against opponents coming in (whether through snapback or kill)>air dash down:

Everyone knows this. If they block it. Free gaurd break. If they take the hit, and you dash down immediately, then they could probably block what you’re going to do next, or just throw out a random attack to stop what you’re going to do next. Not many people do this no more (as far as I’ve seen) because people take the hit. I that if you pause after you kick, then air dash forward or d/f you can throw them, which works well if you’re in the corner. Or you could dash d/>fp. Then do a wake up mix up. If they block and you pause you still get free rom.>lk:

This is my favorite in the corner cause it works like 99.9% of the time. If they get hit by it you get free Rom. If they block you still get free Rom, or dash d/>fp for mix ups.>hk:

This one puts you in an easier position for the rom as it hits like the basic set up. If they block it the timing is just a tiny bit trickier to get the gaurd break. If you dash d/>lk on a blocked attempt and they still block it all I think you’re could jump back up and throw them. Works well, but I still like the above set up.

sj.random buttons in succession->>lk or random buttons in succession

I only use this against Sent cause of his big ass. I’m pretty sure it works against smaller characters. With this it’s kinda an option for gauranteed damage. If they take the hit(s) you get damage. If they block they’ll be in block stun for all that time giving you time to dash down and rom or option of your choice.

One of them options for if they take the hit. If it’s blocked you can still get a gaurdbreak, just gotta react to the block and dash down faster. If they take the hit you can rom or w/e.

jump->ad.d/f (end up behind them)->>lk.

You do this as they are falling in. You end up behind them and if they are holding back or did some random attack when they first came in they’ll get hit by the lk->lk and got yourself a free rom.

dash behind them>assist or launch

Um. Every character in the game can do this. So yeah.

dash behind them tri jump lk/hk, dash to other side+assist

This I think works well in the corner because maybe the opponent will think you are going to go low on them. I know it works on me all the time.

j.lp+psy assist

This works against me. Especially when Storm is doing it(maybe cause she floats). I think its dumb. I dont wanna elaborate (someone else do it plz).

quick dash(like split second before they come in) sj.lp

I was messing around with this. If timed right the sj.lp should hit them from behind (cause it has cross up properties I guess.) But since it hits behind if they are holding back you’ll get a free hit. I haven’t messed around with it a lot, so other Magneto players try this and see results, see if it even works.

thats all I got.

nice thread

heres a couple ones

  1. adf lk,mk->hypergravxxtempest. unmashable if they pushblock, but if they dont they take the hypergravxxtempest and they can mash out.

  2. as there coming in go in to fly mode, then lk plus psy. good i guess because its unorthodox so it will throw people off that arent expecting it. i saw taiji doing this, but i dunno who originally created it.

  3. call psy, then tiger knee tempest. this works if they just block regularly.

  4. then addf into hp grap. works if they take the hit, and if they just block. good cus again, its unexpected.

thats all for know, ill try to think of others.

I know a weird one w/ cammy’s AA assist

if you ever feel lazy, just call cammy right before they come in (so it hits kinf of late) and do shockwave (or if in corner do tempest)

if they take the hit…you’re kind of out of luck, but it is really easy and reliable as long as they block

If you’re using row or any team with mag and cable, just call cables AA before they come in. Works like the cammy one.

Also, if you have unfly mode with mag on (heh sounds weird saying that) you can,, unfly lk, lk. then rom or whatever.

most of the time when I try to guardbreak at midscreen like addf I’ll like, push the opponent away too far for me to continue haha. am I doing this stuff too slow or sjumping too early…?

You superjump neutral light kick, not downforward, that may be the problem. Also, midscreen, you generally dash down-forward, not simply down, as there is no wall to stop them from going too far back, so you have to dash df to compensate.

hmm that might be the problem: me doing down lk instead of the neutral version. also I said that I addf; it’s obvious that you have to do that at midscreen.

One that a lot of seattle peeps use…

[sj. lk,hk ad/df lk,] (delay) lk then ROM or whatever

the part in the brackets [] is all blocked

This guardbreak is inescapable from what i’ve seen. The opponent can’t hit you between the delay because the string is a little too fast. They can’t just take the hit either becuase the the whole thing combos if they don’t block.

nice thread by the way :slight_smile:

yea…that is the best gb out hands down…all the other shit is juss for show…btw, it IS unescapable from ANYwhere…that includes midscreen

Yeah this gb is the best overall, now if only I could do it every single time… It gets a little tricky midscreen

Yes, thats the one I mostly use atm.

For midscreen GBs though I like to do + psy assist. Works 99% of the time.

i know the problem u might have…u might b tryin to do it too early like if it was in the corner…midscreen, wait a little longer, like, till u see them drop…for some reason u are never out of range if u wait

Yeah I think that might be the problem… cuz when I do it too early the hk part seems to whiff and magneto’s over their head at that point.

what are some matches and stuff I can watch too learn post-snap out options like GBs?