Gaurd Crushing/Decent damaging Rock Rushdowns?

Are there any? I know Rock isnt the best rusher out there, but I play K, and i’d like to run in and f*ck with the guy a bit. Anyone know any good Rock rushes?

Most of the Rock stuff I see is the QCB+K mixups and 360 toss juggles (with Hard Edge, Shining Knuckle, Rising Tackle, or the PPP laser thing). Also if you use S, N, or K groove low jump roundhouse is good pressure. Also, a good mixup is jump in HK, then, c.lp,, Hard edge/Shining Knuckle. If they block the jump in continue with the combo hoping they don’t block low and you can finish it, but if they block low, stop after the c.lp and mix up the HK teleport run with the LK “Dunk” run, since its an overhead. Or poke or something.

A good time to start the rushdown is after your opponent jumps in and you counter with a QCF+LK, or they come at you on the ground and you sweep.

dunk run = death

yeah exactly why i said mix it up after that low combo with the HK teleport run. after a couple of those they will get used to trying to throw you or poking you low to stop the HK, so you jump up and smash em

you should add in a running C.Roundhouse or running C.Forward->Jab Hard Edge in that mixup. Otherwise stand block would own you. Also running low attack should be used much more often than the run specials…the rage runs should be used as a suprise more than a mixup. After you caught them once by surprise then you can start to mix it up a little.

I’m going to start using K Rock again this week(it’s been a very long time since i used him regularly) all the useful tips I find with him I will post.

more tips on his rushdown will be appreciated

You can do Rock’s B&B string buffered into shifts/fireballs as a mix up.

c.lp -> -> XX shift -> 360
" " " " " " XX mp Reppuken

Poking with XX something is pretty alright, and as far as standing pokes, stand mk is alright as long as you’re careful not to do his over head.

heres an idea to mess around with…

if you have a run… run in and c. rh from the max range of that move… you’ll usually be able to trade or outpoke once in a while with that… once you’ve conditioned the opponent to block while you are running in, try running in with c. jab, c. short, c. forward, fireball or jab hard edge… if they continue to block, or wise up and try to rc/roll through the fireball/elbow, then run in with standing jab, then 360 throw them

g2g, will post more later

u can combo to fireball?

i used to use k for rock but his super was too predictable, i’m using c with him now, having no run is hurting him

y not use n-groove

sup guys dont usually post much anymore but…

the crow: if u wanna see a really good rock player go to ucr or cal poly.

ya, n-groove… the only real grooves are c,a,k. ive played for a while and ive wised up, to play rock u have to have a top tier and in one of those groove preferably c, k, cuz rock sucks in A… well, let me rephrase, its not his strongest groove.

yo jesse let them know about yama vs. rock… u cant get away with the s.rh, d.fierce works very, very good. …only thing that does work.

alright abayo bitches…
crow p.m. if or post if u gonna go to ucr of cal poly in pomona… peace.

where the hell are those? im in toronto man, never heard of those places before