GBA, Converters, Keyboard, and Blizzcon items


Gameboy Advance Polar Ice color $15 shipped. Battery cover has to be taped shut to close, and the power switch takes a few switches to turn on. No games.

A 2009 Blizzcon Battlenet Authenticator. $20 shipped.

inPin Converter (PS2->PS3) $20 shipped. SOLD

Wii Joybox (GC->Wii) $12 shipped.

MX5000 Keyboard/Mouse Bluetooth set $25 shipped. Has black/white screen.

SFAC 15th Anniversary stick, unmodded, with box (no poster): $75+shipping. Can take pictures if needed, it’s deep in my closet but in great condition.


inpin sold.

Does the GCN to Wii converter work with MC Cthulu? Any lag?

bump for great seller and fast shipping

According to the pictures, the converter is actually PS/PS2 -> GCN.