GBA Flash Card help, battery dead?

I own a crappy EZF Advance 3 that has never saved right a day in it’s life. I figured out how to do this with updated software, but now it saves nothing, I’m afraid the battery might have gone dead, but if this were the case would it be able to even be usable? As of right now if I turn off the GBA all saves are deleted.

Rather annoying. It has this weird and I’m guessing foreign looking screw holding it together that looks like a 3 pointed star, if I was somehow able to remove this, would I be able to replace the battery? I know some are hard soldered in.

Thanks for any help… I’m using homebrews and messing around with pogoshell, the flashing software that came with it is GB-Writer which is infamously bad.

Yup, sounds like the battery is dead. Most of the batteries I’ve ever seen are soldered in place. However, check with the manufacturer - I know my x-rom is guaranteed for fixing by the manufacturer if I just send it back. They’ll fix the battery for free.

If that’s not an option, then the screw that holds the cartridge together is a tri-wing - you can buy a screwdriver for it from a couple places ( Or, you can take two flathead screwdrivers and carefully unscrew it, but that’s a pain. Desoldering the old battery and soldering a new one is probably quite possible but not very fun. I’d check and hope that the manufacturer would first.

The problem is it’s made by Linker4u which is based in china. I’m quite peeved I spent a lot of money on this (at the time) and never saved correctly, and when I figure out how to do it (the software comes with 0 documentation) the battery dies.

I send them a mail but it looks like my only option is replacing the battery myself.

UPDATE: I somehow managed to unscrew it and found that one of the contacts had busted near the battery, I just melted the solder, and stuck it back in place, works perfectly now! I do have game freezing issues but I think thats due to me not being able to screw the screw back in hard enough, and my hands shifting the cart around as I play.