GC combo

How do you do the Geese GC combo? Is it only in certain grooves?

What do you mean by GC combo? Do you mean his guard crush custom combo or do you mean a good combo to use if you see that they are about to be guard crushed?


Well my friend had told me about it and he doesn’t use use Geese, so I really don’t know the specifics on it other than that it is an inescapable combo that Guard Crushes and Deadly Rave hits them at the end. Don’t know about the groove.

Well, I don’t think that a combo like that exists; however, I suppose that if you timed it right, you could do his regular B-n-B combo [(cross-up) j.forward, c.jab, (close) s.fierce, (MK) Jaiken] as a blocked string and have it guard crush at the last hit then walk/run/dash up c.jab, (close) s.fierce xx Deadly Rave (stop before the qcb+HP), c.jab, (close) s.fierce xx (MK) Jaiken. Of course that is relatively difficult to time properly. Just practice.

If that is not what you are looking for, just give me something more specific and I’ll help you out. Lates, yo.


Well that may very well be the combo. My friend said Wong hit him with it when they were playing online, I’ll ask him for details and try to get back to you, thanks. By the way Bridget is awesome.