GD Secret Santa 2017: Now with Arcade Edition #ThanksComboFiend


GD member PMed me to see if we could star sign ups early so we’re doing it now because it sounded good. Signs up from today til the first week of November 4th so I can spend my sunday morning being cozy and sending assignments.

How it works:

You sign up and buy a random SRKer a Christmas gift and a random SRKer will buy you one too. As I mentioned last time, this is a sacred GD tradition so do not screw over anybody on gifts because it is an automatic permaban. We understand it gets tricky with the postal office so don’t think its a hammer drop just because silly things happened in the mail. Trump can’t figure out how to send water to Puerto Rico so I know accidents happen. Gonna bump the limit on accounts for ones that are, at least 1 year old. So if you were hear for the first season of SF5, be ready to be gifted things significantly better than that game. Don’t have to deal with trying to coordinate things from a hospital this year either, so things should be a bit of a whole lot smoother.

Some quick copy/pasting from last year thread for recaps:

Bolded twice because its so nice. Get the danged tracking so everybody can have fun doing this. Secondary reminders from Val:

Buy the tracking option please.

After you sign up, send an e-mail to with the title “SS Sign Up Username” with the following information

  1. SRK Handle
  2. Full Name
  3. Full Address
  4. Are you willing to ship internationally?
  5. Stuff you like (Feel free to link your amazon/newegg/thinkgeek/etc wishlists)

and one last message from Days of Valaris Past:

Not letting one of the best things in this site go the way of the Rep Bars.


List of people signed up:

Jae Hoon
Kinniku Buster
Geese Pants
The Rock-Bos
Plaid Unicorn

SR-2K$ Lounge: How the hell does NuRK work?

You know I’m down


I’m in. Favorite part of the year.




Never mind, disregard this post please.


[quote=“Geese_Pants, post:4, topic:183789”]



Double on this for me.


I really want to participate this year, but i need to check some stuff first, i am having some unplanned expenses right now, and i don’t really want to risk of fucking up and not being able to send the gift in time.


It’s time


Definitely had fun last year with the secret santa but unfortunately won’t be able to do it this year, money is going to be tight around this holidays but hope you guys have fun.



Fucking hell, everybody is broke edition?

Where all the peeps at?


At least you got more than I do on the TT Secret Santa.


I’ll pitch in this year. My family is shit so might as well make someone else happy.


If i participate and Darksakul is my SS i will send him this


Sent the email, down like every year.


No one wants this subject heading in their e-mail history, just saying.


Yeah like, I’d be down if it’s within a reasonable price limit, but man I’m not going to have “SS Sign-up” as an e-mail header…


then have the subject line day secret Santa, this is not rocket surgery


Jokes. You’re all allergic to them.


updated OP.

Only 7 people. Welcome to Trump’s Christmas.


I’ve never participated in this because I have loved ones who I need to buy gifts for.

SRK gets a lump of coal for everyone to split.