GD specific rules: Read before posting

USE SPOILER TAGS when discussing games, movies, TV, etc. Don’t ruin it for others.

Remember, not everybody has time to do things at the pace you do when it comes to games or movies. Don’t be a douche bag, use the spoiler tags so you don’t ruin something for everybody. We’re going to start getting a lot harsher on people about this that are going to lead to people getting banned if they don’t have the common sense to not fuck up another person’s experience with a game, tv show, or movie. People shouldn’t be ruining games for people that came out 12 hours ago. I mean, seriously. Stop being stupid.

"But Ronin! I can’t/don’t know how to use the spoiler tag! Well, let me school you! You do it like this
How to use spoiler tags!


Type in <spoiler=This is going to be a spoiler> Put stuff in here you don’t want to ruin for people and then close it off with </spoiler> Just replace the <> with regular brackets like if you were quoting somebody. You know, these [ ] things.

"If anybody else out there sees somebody posting spoilers, please PM Dios, Valaris, Koop, or myself, so we can get it taken care of. At that point infractions will be given. Don’t end up like that MVC2 fan who ended up getting banned because he ruined GoW 3 for everybody in the GoW 3 thread, the day after the game came out.

Consider this the only warning you’re going to get. The mods won’t be giving warnings for spoilers, it will be infractions and after that you’re getting banned.

So what does this all mean, Ronin?


Bottom line, knock it off, don’t be a douche bag, and use spoiler tags. Or you’re going to end up getting infractions, and then end up getting banned. And getting banned over this is just really stupid.

If you reply with a smiley, a one word reply, and/or a picture/, you’re going to get an infraction.

And then banned.

So knock it off.

The Report a Bot thread was removed. It’s kind of useless what with the Report function. Just use that from now on. We’ll get to it much quicker.

Bonus fact about Vanilla: infractions and warning don’t expire by themselves. A mod has to manually go let you back in to SRK. Don’t fuck up.

Using the spam flag for anything other than bot spam is going to get you a seven day warning. Please don’t do this: reserve the Spam flags for bots only. If you think something needs moderation, contact a mod. The spam flag is not a good method for getting a mod involved.

If you’re new to SRK, the Newbie Dojo is for you: check it out! If you feel the need to introduce yourself, use the existing [Official Intro Thread](Who is your Daddy and what does he do? The SRK Newbie Introduction Thread