GD Topless V. 1.0


Hey gang,

I figured we could all use a spot where we don’t have to wear shirts.


Already the best thread.


I am at work or I would take my shirt off right now, everyone else feel free to go first




6meg tummy rub



great idea, i propose no one post pictures or else be thrown into the drink/unable to post in the shirtless thread.

keepin it classy.


Oh hell no.


Even if I wanted to wear a shirt right now, it would be torn to shreds by the thread-induced excitement in my nipples.


Would this then be the,


Take that, “hypebeast mcstreetwears.”


If you have to go thru THIS every day then you should not be required to wear either a shirt or pants. Even if they do match in both brightness and gaudiness.



Wait, I was already topless before entering this thread. Do I win something?



Im chillin’ in a wife beater. Its getting kind of hot so Im gonna take it off in a little bit. Im so buff I’ll probably just flex out of it.


Nip pic for you all



Them dime sized nipples.


So much for ordering pizza…


You knew what you were walking into.

NickGuy has some hairy ass nips, but that is not Boel tier, that’s like, me not shaving mine for a few weeks tier.


The last time I was on a forum that had a thread like this they were actually able to pressure a chick into posting a topless pic.

Let’s see how this one pans out.


Paging Matriarch to this thread.


Matriarch where you at?