GDLK Pressure?

Yo, so I’ve recently been shutting niggas down with that crazy Sakura pressure. You might ask, "Her0 what are you doing that generates such pressure on offense? Is it your crazy combos and one frame links? Is it your footsies? Is it your perfectly timed jumpins?

No my friend I use stand short. That is it. I literally win fights using this move. Because of how fast it is, it will beat most moves up close (which is where Sakura is most effective from and where she wants to be), and on CH gives you JUST (i stress the just with all seriousnessnism, react fast nigga) enough time to cancel into tatsu/shou, otoshi, fireball. Literally she can go into anything with stand short. And I thought maybe I just got lucky with it, but lately I find myself shutting Balrog’s down (the super turley-not gonna push a button till you get close and its JABBIN TIEM kind… he’s good just hate turtles). And he’s literally trying his best to get me off of him, and when I sense that desperation, I use sakura’s Cr. fierce or cl. fierce to CH into some stupid mix ups or one frame link combos.

Basically what I’m saying is:
All the Sakura players who do cr. fierce to EX tatsu suck ass, and they should learn how to pressure without burning that much meter. Also stand short is too GDLK to not be using all the time. That and I guarantee you can get about 3 combos into shou with just stand short. Shit is too fray, Discuss please:karate:

i often pressure with walk in short jab and walk in short jab. (of course occasionally)

I also use for pressure, on ch you can combo x hp sho afterwards.
It’s got a really good hitbox and it’s fast so it’ll stuff plenty of normals.

WTF??!! -.-

i dont think,that i suck -.-

Thanks for the insight, pretty bold statement though lol.

Just more evidence that Sakura has awesome normals. I mean really, what are her BAD normals? name one… i dare you… see, you cant.

Awesome normals, all around. She has a use for every single button. Even Sakura’s pause screen is better than the other characters.

roflmao…u made my day xDDD

I’m not saying that people who use the move suck ass (while this is exactly what I wrote, one must read between the lines). If you are trying to pressure your opponent, burning Sakura’s valuable meter is NOT the way to do it. Use that stand short and confirm it into shou for much better damage/positioning.

I find that her is a pretty damn good normal too cause it beats out a lot of moves if timed correctly. I barely use, guess I’ll start adding that to my game, thanks.

ummm stand cl. medium punch… horrible move like who the f is using this? or maybe stand far forward. st. RH is much betterererer. Her character select screen is mas bueno que el otro jugadores.

cr. strong is good, but using it limits your options because of the awkwardness of comboing into it, plus cancelling out of it (Idk I find it weird) is different than her other cancellable normals. So cr. strong is good, I prefer st. short tho… or cr. forward

Yo ur Sakura is solid (i saw a lot of dropped combos in that perfect babes video, but nothing major). I just think that if you get a chance to punish, cr. fierce xx ex tatsu is a bad choice she can do more damage, and still put her opponent in the same mix up situation.
PS-does that mix up u did to balrog work only in the corner? shit was nice

Also amigdala, you have just taught me some bullshit I didn’t even know about with Sakura (the problem with playing 13 characters). Good shit, I’ll be using all of that stuff I learned from ur videos

yepp,i dropped some combos…that sometimes happen…i bet NO1 of u all can say:“i NEVER drop a combo” sometimes u got a bad day…sometimes u got shit connection…and sometimes,i WANT to drop the combo-cause,when i thinkmy opponent mashes SRK when i start my combo,then i sometimes make a pause and just block…then punish

the crumble in corner,dash-under only works in corner (codallenschmidt shows me this gimmick)
but u can do a crumble (anywhere) wait a little+walk forward->hit LK/LP->dash under the opponent (dunno if u know that before)

ps:thanks for ur probs…some of the older videos are “not so good” anymore,cause im still gettin better…but i wont delete them…now :wink:

cr.hp>ex.tatsu is the best punition you’ll get on some char like Ryu. After a lp.dp he’ll often be too far away for a cl.hp so you’re forced to start your punishment with a cr.hp but since Ryu has a weird and advantageous hitbox your lk.tatsu might not even reach him. So it’s either cr.hp>ex.tatsu, cr.hp>hk.tatsu or cr.hp>shouoken.

While this is true, I’m generally referring to super duper free punishes. Cr. fierce to Ex tatsu isn’t bad, but it is when you have more damaging options ya know?

What does “CH” mean?

Counter Hit I’d imagine.

it means Counter hit, yes.

I wish I had the strength to keep using Sakura like you guys :frowning:

Salute. For real.

I don’t see how it’s harder than sticking with Super Seth. He got hit pretty hard on offense. At least the general damage nerf helps him not be quite as squishy.