GDT #4 - 9/9/06 - Hackensack, NJ - 3S/Slash/CvS2/AE/Melty Blood and more!

Unfortunately there was no GDT last month, due to some unforseen, extremely last minute events. That’s in the past now, so to catch up we’re holding two tournaments in September. So if you just started school but work’s got you bogged down already you’ve still got the second tournament on the 23rd to aim for.

Also I’m praying to the rain gods to KEEP THE FUCK AWAY this time.

Second tournament thread:


Game Dimensions
7 Banta Place
Hackensack NJ 07601

phone # 201 488 7775


September 9, 2006


(Times are subject to change.)

12:00 - GDT opens, casuals start.
4:00 - Signups officially start.
4:45 - Last call for signups.
5:30 - Tournaments start, casuals end.
6:00 - If you aren’t here, you are out.



Games to be played:

Street Fighter Three : Third Strike
Capcom vs Snk 2
Guilty Gear Slash

As time goes on we’ll likely switch games out for whatever you folks are up for playing, so long as someone remembers to bring it.

Also we are very much going to be running a MELTY BLOOD : ACT CADENZA tournament, so come support the scene! There will likely be a AE tournament too.


Five dollars HOUSE FEE.
Then five dollars PER TOURNAMENT.

So if you enter just Third Strike then it’s: $5 for house fee + $5 for Third Strike.


Here are directions on how to get to GD!

There are places to eat here and there.

PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN STICK / PAD, do not hold up the tournament because someone else is using your stick or five other people need to. Obviously this is a console tournament so MAKE SURE YOU REMEMBER THAT ;p.

The rules are currently being revised, but you know how it goes.

I believe that’s all.



Hopefully the cancelation confused the rain gods and now they will stay away.

(for those out of the loop its rained every single tournament)

I’ll be there to take Third Strike. Good chance to practice for Digital Life.

Please don’t have AE, CE Bison makes little babies cry.

Also I hope that tournament rules actually exist BEFORE the tournies start. I heard that last time it was supposed to be double elim but somehow it turned into pools, then a new double elim bracket, then some other randomness.

Well our tournaments are relatively small, so don’t expect much.

And yeah we’ve established the rules, but hell we’re new to this so it was basically trial and error.


yeah gdt sucks and chibi is gay

yeah i’m goin


If its 7 or less its round robin with single elim finals, 8 or more its double elim.

AE is just a side thing for after everything else is done, assuming enough people want to play.

Short version of the rules:

entree fee/scedule(already posted) 7- RR, 8+DE, matches are 2/3, first game draws are a win for both, second/third doesn’t count, reset to check your control config, pause clause, turbo clause, random select clause, same character clause, safety clause, games loaded with no memory card, 3s handicap off/may change super art, cvs2 must keep same ratio and order.

CT vs. NJ 5 on 5

If we even have that many people XD.

I’m moving to NJ this wednesday, and mutantxp lives in NY now so maybe we can make this… :bgrin:

Awesome, welcome to NJ!


in cvs2!

cvs2, 3s, st, or mvc2 whatever. or even a couple of them.

I’ll play whatever, but the only game in that list that I care about is cvs2.

hah, i dont think we do either, would be fun though

maybe could do cvs2 4 on 4

Tony vs Zaeler
Jaime Chibi
DSP Supermin
John Sigley?

Looks at calendar…

There’s a good chance I can make this; I just have to wake up at a decent hour on Sat. heh heh :razzy:

bacardi? 4 on 4 could work i guess. all games

Holy shit the GDT KING IS COMING!!!

i’d say go all out and do 5v5; maybe do a different game each tourney or something.

i’m down for whatever though.

aslo i could bring in ron the beast for extra guys

ron the beast or tyler warrior. but i think bacardi is going. yeah all games. whatever we can fit in.