GDT 6-24 results

half-assing it just to get this up fast

1)Tony B.

2)Tony B.


puzzle fighter

mvc2(not 100% sure, I don’t have the bracket)
1)Tony B.

Next time we only do round robin if there are 7 or less players.

Probably going to get rid of the whole ranking. Doesn’t seem like anyone cares. Seeding will just be top 4 from the last tournament, everyone else is random.

Thanks to everyone who showed up.

First off, yet again I will apologize to Tony B with my mistake in Slash, I’m deeply sorry. You barely know me and already I’ve made a bad impression, I hope there’s no ‘beef’ between us because of it.

Secondly, sorry for the fucking FLOOD in the damn place of all things. Thanks to Jeremy being awesome as hell, it was taken care of, luckily nothing had to be stopped short or otherwise. I’ll look into it solving the problem with him.

Thirdly, thanks to everyone who came, I really appreciate giving us a chance as we hope to make these better each time around. Thank you Walter, Min, and Josh for handling the tournaments well, thanks to the SLASH COMMUNITY for showing up, you guys had the most entries (!), thanks to GBS for making the drive up (<3), thanks to THE PHILIP JOHNSON for coming, for Shag to grace us with his presence ;), just the whole lot of you for making this really fun, even with all that went down.

We’ll likely be holding the next GDT IN EARLY AUGUST but if anyone is up for having a GATHERING THERE please let me know, their rate per hour is low ($2-$3), so we got a place to hang out if needed.

Thanks again everyone.


thanks again to jeremy for holding shit. fools need to clean up after themselves thats hella nasty

also, good shit to bacardi and john, jamie, tony b from ct for coming to the tourney. hopefully there will be more competition for the next tourney as well

nice meeting pedro + your sons, gbs and friend, nives and whoever else i forgot about. peace

Never enough time…

Hey guys it was cool Thanx to Chibi for PM’in the location and stuff. I have a mini clan of 3rd strikers I will bring to the next event. For now we will practice. I have so many questions about event stuff, and some of the games. I’ll be in touch with all of you. Remember the milk crates!!! LOL 2 crates high no more floor.

Ming I think it was… Awsome CVS CC’s I gotta practice that. Cool ppl Great too meet you all.

P.S My stick worked fine at home on the Slim PS2 and xbox all day today. I was just jinxed on saturday.:wasted:

if youre interested in cvs2 i can teach you some stuff next gathering/tourney

also his name is philippe fucking johnson, clown. phil johnson and company need to stay longer next time and actually play something cept for the friend who won slash

No problem, it was a pleasure to have you there. I love the stick with your son’s drawing on it. Your sticks were working better than some of the other one’s there, haha.

Hope to see you at the next one ;D.

Yeah, definitely. Didn’t help that we got there late.

No problem, Chibi. D; It was a crazy drive but I still had fun. Just wish I could have made it for more casuals. Hoping to make it again next month with Gary & co.-- Rochester’s kinda boring. Also hoping that by then that my Johnny won’t be super garbage, heh.

thanks jeremy for helping me find my way to GDT in the first place, and then finding my way out.

lotta fun, good games to everyone.

it wuz nice meeting all of you; simon, gary, zaelar, mr. fantastic, people i played casuals with, and everyone else.

Why didn’t you Rochester people tell me you were coming down? =/

We didn’t want to get owned by Dizzy :p!

i’m glad i finally got to meet more of jersey(min/kevin…lol). tho i didnt get to meet this nives character…
the tourney was all fine… except cvs2, but i was so bleh… i really shouldn’t be saying anything.

on the whole, it was good though. I got to play marvel/vampire/cvs2, tho i didnt get to sneak any 3s in >.<…

tony/walt… i love you guys(in a not gay sort of way)

pedro/justin… I hope to see more of ya’ll. it was fun chillen between matches.

nj turnpike- you suck my nuts, you will never get my $10 again, just so i can turn across the cones, and get another turnpike ticket to go back where i came.

p.s. as much as i like hraps, I am too american to use them like the yellow person i am

Hey, this is Gary, wanted to say hi to everyone I met. I had a fun time with all the Slash games and everybody was really nice.

Xerlic, I would’ve told you earlier if you were ever accessible on AIM or something…I tried to call but don’t have your newer cell #.

Finally, is Philippe fucking Johnson chokes bitches.

Ah, maybe next time. Who wants to meet this Nives character anyhow? :bgrin:

Isn’t the ol’ dave chapelle joke "Is _____ gonna have to choke a bitch?

commando >>>>>>>> gburs but sean you got a nice sent thanx for letting me steal your mvc2 now I can practice sent again and hope that I can be as beast as seanford. Btw there is nothing more that hypes up msp than ffvii fight music

min thanx for filling me in on some a groove basics I have a long way to go before I can beat ppl kind of weird I can play a-mai huh

chibi its AMATUER NIGHT!!!

zaelar no more round robins shit is like a endurance challenge

josh I hate makoto nothing personal I just hate fighting that character I think she is stupid and braindead

tony thanks for coming and beating me in marvel eventho I did get to ghost you with magneto one match

good shit to everyone that came support the scene ppl bring your friends next time

It is, but Phillippe doesn’t ask.

Are you Jerry from the finals?

Infinitwar’s son Jushi here. I used Ken in the 3rd strike tourny with his lp+mk+hp costume.

That was a pretty cool tourny, given I’ve never been to one before but it was a lot of fun. I played a lot better then I normally do and actualy won a coupls matches, which I did not expect to. Its probably cause I was playing to win. I tried playing with that mindframe at home and got the same results. So now I’m going to play every round like its a tournament.

It was great and i cant wait for the next one. Untill then I will continue training my Ken.

Did you draw the art on one of your sticks?

I really liked it ;).

Yeah I did the artwork for my stick. Akuma being slashed open by my custom Soul Calibur 3 samurai with fatality writtin on the top.

I’m probably going to change it soon though. I want to maybe do somethiong with Yun or Ken… or probably both? Actualy now that i think of it, Evil Ken would be sweet.

Yah thats me. You r probably the first I know who remembers my real name.

Thanx for letting me be a consultant, makes me feel like i was there rigging brackets myself… sheds a single tear