GDT 6-24 results

Thanks for laughing at me for two minutes straight.


I try. :wgrin:

What does GDT stand for?

Game Dimensions Tournament.

i wanna thank everyone who came and showed Game Dimensions some 2d luvin. My apologies for the flood (i blame the governemnt) and it will not happen next time! I got some plans that will hopefully elminate this factor.

btw Zaeler you missed one of the tourny results

Guilty Flood:

  1. VithDos
  2. My Girlfriend

we both won prize item: Soggy Floor. WOOOOO. I hope we get ranking points for this

Hehe, and again, thanks for coming everyone, even with the flooding i had an absolute blast

I thought it was kinda funny when it started flooding cause i was in the middle of a SF3 match and all the sudden i hear a vaccume. i ignore it for a while then i’m like, why are they vaccuming durring the tourny? so i look over and i see them vaccuming water from the floor.

i suck for not having backup $$ stashed to attend this :sad: . ah well, lesson learned.

Yes you do.


i woulda won everything but there comes a time in someone’s life where he must realize he has to let his lil niggas eat so he can feed off of them later

you would stop playing poker for 2 secs to grace us with your presence? I feel honored indeed :looney:

Lies sigley, lies~