GDT Monthly #2 - 6-24-06 - Slash / CvS2 / 3S!

Hey guys, after some minor troubles with ‘the flooding’ that happened in our area, looks like we’re back in business. We learned a bit from our first tournament, so we’re here to make the second one even better!


Game Dimensions
7 Banta Place
Hackensack NJ 07601

phone # 201 488 7775


June 24th, 2006


12:00 - GDT opens, casuals start.
4:00 - Signups officially start.
4:45 - Last call for signups.
5:30 - Tournaments start, casuals end.
6:00 - If you aren’t here, you are out.



Games to be played:

Street Fighter Three : Third Strike
Capcom vs Snk 2
Guilty Gear Slash

It’s possibly I might have one tv left to put Vampire Saviour or Alpha Anthology(jp) onto for fun. We’ll see.

There will also be Tournament Fighters / Melty Blood / EFZ casuals available as well.


Five dollars HOUSE FEE.
Then five dollars PER TOURNAMENT.

So if you enter just Third Strike then it’s: $5 for house fee + $5 for Third Strike.


Here are directions on how to get to GD!

There are places to eat here and there.

PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN STICK / PAD, do not hold up the tournament because someone else is using your stick or five other people need to. Obviously this is a console tournament so MAKE SURE YOU REMEMBER THAT ;p.

Here are links to the NEWLY MODIFIED (slightly) rules:


I believe that’s all.

My apologies to MD and the gathering happening on the same day ;p.

Hope you can all make it down again :D!

how about u guys let me help u run brackets for some weird reason u guys take way to long =[

It’s a learning process Bacardi, we know our mistakes from the first time over, this time things will run smoother, I assure you of that.

Not that I’m rejecting your help mind you, but I’d still like to learn how to do it properly instead of simply giving it to someone else to take care of all together. We let registration drag on too long, took players in too late, so everything was set back. Now if you don’t make it at 6 you don’t enter period. Give us a chance ;p.

Also, I hate your Anji forever.


I think the only chaged rules are judgement will be used in 3s, and all matches are 2/3 instead of finals being 3/5 if the players want to and there is time like last time. I changed the wording of some of the rules to try to make it less confusing. I’ll also have the ranking and payouts printed out at the tournament for anyone that cares.

And if we only have 1 setup for tournament, and its 8-9 people, we are switching from RR to DE. I doubt we will have a problem with this though.

I’m also seeing about getting puzzle fighter, alpha 2, and/or vampire savior there as well. I’m not guaranteeing anything, but if anyone wants to see those games there, or another one that I didn’t mentioned, say so and i’ll see if they can be fit in.

PS I can’t remember anyone’s name for the life of me so be sure to remind me every time you see me so it gets drilled into my head.

Hey Master Chibi, g’luck with your tourney! ;p

Thank you Shazay, have fun at the gathering,

You MD folk have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many tournaments XD.

what version of VS would you be running? :slight_smile:

I only have a burnt version of the PS2 collections copy (as this is a purely console tournament), sorry ;p.

damn i want those back btw


better than my ds3 and vs chronicles. :P:P:P

Well then stop by afternoon and you can teach me the finer points of playing Lilth and Hsien-ko <3.

I’d like to deliver a rather late apology to RabiteCake for the comment I made a month ago in regards to the situation with GG being at ECC. I see now that it was uncalled for to simply state that noone cared as to your being banned, no matter the reason behind it. I did throw it out without thinking, and in retrospect I obviously should have given you an apology in the last tournament thread, as to best lay this quarrel to rest.

So with that, I’m sorry.

Go me.


wats up ill be back, hopefully i bring a friend or two w/ me

Thats good news.

lemme run cvs2 ill bring my flip top and ngbc, sam sho tenka, alpha anthology, vamp chronicles, hella gamessss

You can run the brackets. Did I show you how I recorded wins/losses in the round robins last time?

Yeah Min can handle CvS2, and we’ll do 3S / Slash.

Unless you want to give Bacardi 3S.

Also I talked to Jeremy’s mother, he’s in Ohio right now for the weekend, but I got the go ahead to hold it on the 24th so it’s good. This time I’ll start making flyers this weekend and posting it around.

GB, come for VS casuals MAD EARLY please! I am fucking fiending for this game bad.


Hoorah I will be ready this time around as well. i got me liscence finally


Welcome back Jeremy :D!

We should stop by sometime and play some doa4.