GDT4 Results

No rain.

On to the unimportant stuff.

1)Tony B.
5)Master Chibi

5)Tony B.

4)Tony B.
5)Wonder Tonic

3)Master Chibi

Random question

Was Elias using pad in 3s??

Elias played on a Saturn pad, to my knowledge he always has?

Funny that I beat every top tier player (Chun/Ken/Yun) I faced in the tourney, but when I faced the deadly mid tier of Dudley and Ibuki, I got scraped! I obviously need more practice against non-top tier because I had no idea what to do besides try to randomly parry and DP on reaction. It didn’t work too well.

EXACTLY as I predicted, no rules were drawn up prior to the tournament and there was massive confusion. Either a tourney is 2/3 the entire way through with maybe 3/5 finals or whatever, or else it’s 2/3 for normal fights, 3/5 for finals (winners/losers) and then finally 4/7 for grand finals.


There are no variations on these rules unless you’re raping CvS2 and doing single match.

Take it from someone who has run numerous tournaments…including running ECC last year and running brackets at EVO East this year. I know what I’m talking about. If Winners finals are 3/5, then losers finals MUST be 3/5. It’s unfair otherwise. If you need help figuring shit out, ASK. I will run the brackets and take all the blame if shit gets fucked up. But don’t assume you know what you’re doing if you don’t, because it’s obvious you didn’t.

People are NOT to start yelling during finals that it’s 2/3 when everyone playing in the tournament thinks it’s 3/5. Luckily for you Zaelar/Kuma/whoever else didn’t like this, I did NOT come back after continuing to play my 3/5 sets in Losers finals of 3s.

You have 2 weeks to sort your shit out. Please write up concrete rules immediately so we know what the deal is and know what to expect next time around. People have already told me that they’re not thinking of coming to the next tournament because people didn’t know how to make brackets or run the tournament properly.

Besides that stupid needless easily preventable drama…

Good tournament. Only complaint was that there was no food besides chinese in the area. Super lame.

Oh yeah, and New Jersey completely bitched out of the 5 on 5 challenge and refused to play. Good job after hyping it up for a week!

There are rules written up. In the fourth I only posted the clipnotes. It is 2/3 for everything. I will post the full rules in the gdt 5 thread shortly. Any questions or concerns or suggestions on them should be either taken there or PMed to me. I am aware that they are not 100% completely what the “standard” is, and if it turns out there is a problem with the differences(people bitching about it doesn’t constitute as a problem), it will be changed. It is not the exact rules that I personally want, so please don’t go there.

Two of the best, one from each side, didn’t want to do 5on5. I was ready to play, as were others. I hope we get this on next time.

Edit: I’d also like to apologize for not being able to remember a lot of names. I’m very bad with names, please don’t be offended.

2/3 for finals is retarded. End of story. The only game where you should even be considering it is cvs2 because the games take so long.

People bitching about it constitue a problem Kevin, I don’t know what the hell makes you think it isn’t.

I’ve gotten at LEAST 5 different people instant messaging me telling me they that they’ve enjoyed the tournaments, but that these ‘rules’ we’re working with, like the way you’ve made the brackets, or how you’ve literally made the brackets for each game is something they simply didn’t agree with.

I understand your logic, but I understand their’s as well, and even with us being new to this I think you’re being a bit stubborn on the issue.

Please PM / IM me so we can talk about this, because if people decide not to come out at all simply because of you and you alone, then I most definitely have a problem on my hands.

Actually hit up the other thread:

how many people did you have for melty? same 5 cats as usual?? im still in japan, i went to tokyo ranking fighters (trf and they have 3-4 cabinets solely dedicated to melty blood, in a arcade that is no bigger than my apartment…lol. mad comp, mad players, mad love. i couldnt take any pics or video of the area because they dissallow it due to the maids they have working there, or something, heh

There were others playing casuals, but they left before the tournament started.

Good Sh%t Guys

well i dont know where to start…

first off, this event was like 10 times better than the last one i when to (which was actually the 1st). there was a little confusion and static w/ the brackets, format and such but i’ll go into details and provide some suggestions for the next gdt thread that opens up.

good ish to:

chibi, zaelar & the guy who let you bums host the event at his shop.

chibi: gg’s in cvs2 casuals. i need all the human experience i can get. you need to watch more mbac vids for all chars. i was surprised that you werent aware of pl2 side switching techniques :rolleyes: . coin-flip for plyr side at the next event .

zaelar: congrats on your besting me in mb. im developing counter-strats for ceil strings so youd better step your game up. and if i can somehow manage to adjust to stick w/ mb you can expect to not be as lucky the next time. :razz:

spooky: again, thx for the generous ‘sponsorship’, and super gg’s to the mb rr matches that sadly did not get recorded. also thx for muscling me into playing cvs2. i did alot better than i thought i would and the exp. was helpful. just dont ask me why i decided to get into the game cuz i really dont know :sweat: .

senior fantastico (aka Min): yo, this guy is mad cool. we talked for a bit in the past but now that ive entered the relm of cvs2 i got to know him a little better (no homo, you bastards). i look forward to learning how to fight the lameness that is roll cancel as well as kyo/sakura strats to beef-up my game. your hori is mad pimp btw. the guy has a friggin purple(ish) disco ball for the gumdrop and matching buttons - UUUGGGHHHHHH??? throw up some pics of it if you can. aslo, any idea as to when the mathces will be put up?

elias: …damn your turtle dudley. we’ll see what happens next time.

bacardi: damn guy, what happened? you should have went random on those cats and busted out Urien or even better…Ryu.

that random guy that played w/ aoko for like 10 seconds: man, you were pretty decent for someone thats not part of the ‘main community’. i see you have alot of potential so plz show up at future events. besides, i want to see two aokos on screen at once :lovin: .

GG’s the guys that beat my ass in cvs2.

it was fun ya’ll. hope to attend another event in the future. be sure to stress and enforce the rules w/ athority next time. i suggest making a huge annoucement about the proceedure before the tourneys start.

*~Biscuit Power *

That other Aoko (the one you saw playing me before the tournament I imagine) was my friend Jobe. I lent him a copy of the game, here’s hoping he gets into it, though 3 fucking Aoko’s is already getting on my nerves.


Melty Blood Finals


Slash Finals


I’ll have 3s finals up later this week. I don’t have cvs2 finals recorded, someone else had a camera/tripod set up recording it.


but in all honesty dunno :sad:

everybody should show up again

thanks to jeremy chibi kevin etc again

it was cool playing all the ct dudes again (jamie tony b john walter dsp tyler). also props to them, and vic and sayid for showing up and staying late again. making that commute back to nyc and ct. saiyd i think you should play p-chun rolento and kyo thatd be dope.

TONY B IS A BEAST but walters crackers own him

also yes there was some drama over the brackets but that was hella childish and its all good now


Damn the tourney was mad fun alot of experience i gained and i learned that CVS2 is very very strategic bhind the RC’ing and i didnt think i would do good in third strike and i did i was happy to play new faces. Elias:damn dude ur turtle dudley was affective in the end.
Bacardi:DUde playing casuals with u was mad fun random tiers lol (Elena upper beat necro electiclol)
Pete i didnt think u would be their it was interesting i ended facing u I had to cheese u man lol.
Saiyd :Nasty ibuki i tried my best to not fall for any setups but in the end u out smarted me nice.
tourney was great had fun i wanna go to the next. peace

3S finals



Min, you going to put up CvS2 at all?

lets see some vids you fabio look-alike

Good job with the videos Vic.

Thanks. I have some 3s random matches that I will try and put up at some point soon if they don’t look too bad. I have one of DSP’s matches, another Elias match, and a couple of Akuma’s matches.