Gearing Up!


I?ve been slowing trying to build a more intimate gaming set-up in a space in my living-room; so far having got myself an ASUS VH242 monitor, an Elite and my mainstay the PS3. That?s all well and fine and I?ve made peace with the fact that the main living-room Plasma has been relegated to Sky HD duties - kept jostling with the missus for game time on it! ? but now I need a sound solution (pun intended). I?m looking for a decent pair of gaming headphones but with my limited set-up I?m at a bit of a loss for options. My requirements include:

  1. Preferably it must be able to connect directly into the PS3 and Elite if possible and not the monitor itself. As capable as it is at displaying crisp 1080p images and being lagless, always good for some SSF4/MvC3/any FPS, I doubt it would be up to the task of delivering decent sound. It has L/R headphone jack inputs, 1 HDMI, 1 VGA and a DVI input.
  2. Must be voice-chat compatible. Little point in getting great single-player sound only to have to use the monitor or nothing for multiplayer!
  3. Can be wired or wireless ? no preference. Intimate set-up so I?m not concerned about wiring, I wont be halfway across the room.
  4. Must deliver good game sound (no 1-earpierce headsets, in case it wasn?t clear before).

If anybody could provide ideas on what might be suitable given the above set-up, it would be greatly appreciated.