Gears of War III

seeing as the trailer be all up in our grill, I thought I would start this thread


the song playing in the background is Heron Blue by Sun Kil Moon

Anywho, Dom has a kickass beard now, so maybe I will finally use him in multiplayer.

The last remaining Carmine better be a badass (or die a better death then his brothers). Considering the last game stated they were all brothers, that chick better not be the last Carmine.

I guess we know why the Horde was trying to get away from the underground…they be terrified of tentacle monsters (which supposedly will be able to get you out from being in cover).

Still curious about Marcus’ father, and the Queen

I hope we get to see RAAM again. I loved Scrambled Egg Face

Unless they get busy and don’t do a lazy job with the multiplayer like they did for the previous two games, I decisively don’t give a shit about this game. They need to make several simple common sense changes to the gameplay and make some netcode adjustments (along with graphical tone downs to the multiplayer maps if need be to improve the connection) if need be and maybe this might actually be a good game.

As a secondary I at least hope they tell one complete fucking story this time, but I don’t expect them to.

4 player co-op has been confirmed by CB. Looks to me in the trailer that Dom doesn’t want to live/is getting tired of fighting. When he is on the ground, it looks like he is saying “fuck it…kill me” and Marcus give him that look like “get your shit together” after saving his ass.

Rather than come and and bitch out shit, I am expecting some plot twist at the end. Loved the first two games (didn’t get into MP that much though)


I’m really getting tired of this co-op fad.

I’m meh on the series. But I played through the first two…may as well finish.

Yeah I love the series for the co-op stuff and that alone is definitely making me look forward to this. Me and my friends will play the hell out of it I’m sure

CoOp: Seriously, how many times can I honestly play the EXACT same story? Not many, thats how many.

MP: Give me some bigger maps, WAY more modes, and properly deal with lag and one hit kills (although part of me enjoys these). Chainsaw duels were gay because you could use a turbo controller or fucking magical luck to win. Also, give me a map with Berserkers on it, just to add to the WTFness. And some more Krill maps please.

Dom: In the GoW2 trailer Rendezvous, the [media=youtube]wtwadM4xQKI[/media]. But considering Maria is puppy chow now, I can understand. Sorta. Guess it would explain the no beard thing. Maybe he will fuck the new girl.

Completion: This is already stated to be the end of this trilogy. Obviously it will continue in the future, but they will at least wrap up the loose ends. I agree, the second one was lacking a bit, but that was probably because it’s part 2 of a trilogy. All trilogies usually leave u hanging in the second movie, and usually with the good guys not really winning (look at Star Wars, Matrix, etc).

Exactly! The first one I fucking loved (its the reason I got Live), and while I did enjoy the second one, it got WAY too fucking annoying with all the small…annoyances. Having a dude quit or get booted during the loading screen, and suddenly you’re playing MP 4vs3 or 4vs2, which sucked immensely.

lol funny i just started playing through the second one last night and then the trailer for part 3 comes out.

fuck the haters this series has been fun as hell to play(well based on my experience with the 4 times i played through part 1 haha)

Gears 1>>>>>. Since gears 2 was ass…no, im not expecting this to be good.

I remember CB saying he wanted Gears 3 to be bigger and the PS3 would be a good platform to also have it on. I wonder if he’ll consider it? Probably not but you never know.

Excited to see the conclusion of the story, no desire to play multiplayer. I just hate the multiplayer modes on this game, and there are just too many bugs.

That being said, I think GoW has the best story out the Big 3 shooters on the market right now. So I’m definately looking forward to finishing the campaign with my brother.

Multiplayer: CoD>Halo>GoW>

Story: GoW>CoD>Halo

Unless they fix the host advantage/latency issues, I’m good only playing the campaign.

I’m looking forward to this, even though I don’t usually get into the competitive multiplayer aspect that much… heh, I loved Horde mode so much, it would’ve been a separate game for a slightly cheaper price and I would’ve just bought that.

on a sidenote—this is what it’s all about when it comes to games, imo…realism sucks. Give me the games where I get to blast the heads off aliens, mutants, robots and whatever with a shotgun…all while looking cool as a 'roid-rage freak beast of a hero character. This is what entertainment from a virtual world is all about.

Hmmm, didn’t see Hoffman in the trailer. That old bastard better be alive and kicking or go out doing something epic.

I believe the chick is Anya. Im gonna stand by that ground. Looks like they are gathering whoever is left.

Carmine D. will be the game’s savior. You wait and see, lol.

GoW’s story is epic sure but it isn’t better than CoD at least if you’re talking about both Modern Warfare games.

most is stuff you guys already know and I posted it in the 3s60 thread. Story takes place 18 months after and apparently that woman in the trailer is Anya


Thank you for correcting me Mark lol.

18 months*

The girl is Anya. quote me.

I’m interested in seeing what happens in the story, especially after reading the 2nd book. MP I will reserve judgment on. Maybe this time they’ll actually fix the fucking netcode…

anyone else hear the rumor that they are going to have mechs and underwater combat?

That rumor came from the same guy who leaked out the the announcement. Chances of it being true are probably pretty good.

yeah mechs are in

That girl doesnt look like Anya from the first game…mind you, she IS wearing battle armor

The host bullshit SUCKED. Most FPS games have host issues, but they usually dont have one hit kills with over half the weapons. Host could run around and dish out shotty doom.

And Halo’s story was SOOO much better, the single player in Halo 3 kinda fucked it up though…I have a problem with games going all Doom style, and pretty much being a flat out run from Point A to Point B, killing things as you go along if you feel like it.

I loved the fact that its pretty much the ONLY gory FPS out there. I hate shooting a guy with a rocket launcher, and seeing them just fly away in one piece. Shotgunning a guys legs out from under him, and sniping a guy and watching the headless body slump over, still makes my dick hard.

Hoffman needs to spill the beans, as well as the dude in charge of the COGs…both should die.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Dom dies too. Cole Train will eat him, in order to stay freakishly large.