Gears of War Judgment thread - Killing enemies one WOOO at a time


This game will be out in the next few months so I figured I’d make a thread for my fellow Gears players.<br>
<u>Released Trailers so far</u><br>
Gears of War Judgement - E3 2012 Debut Trailer<br><br>
Gears of War Judgement - SDCC 12 OverRun Tutorial Trailer<br><br>
Gears of War Judgment - Classic Hammerburst Preorder Trailer<br><br>
Gears of War Judgement - VGA 2012 Campaign Trailer<br><br>
Gears of War Judgment - Guts of Gears Campaign Trailer<br><br><br>Gears of War Judgment - Guts of Gears Multiplayer Trailer<br><br>
Young Marcus, Young Dom, Anya and Alex Brand will be available for preorders as well<br>
This will also be the first game in the series to have Free-for-All available<br>
The campaign this time is supposed to be harder and more random with enemy spawns and you can choose to make sections harder or put under certain conditions by touching the blood omen<br>
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IGN Art and Writing video<br>
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Gameplay also just got put up by GT<br>
Free for all Street<br>
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looks like you can now shoot bigger weapons while holding boomshields…including shotguns. Don’t know how I feel about this lol.<br>
Single Player Mansion<br>
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Single Player Museum<br>
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OverRun Junkyard<br>
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Looking forward to this, even though the changes to the MP are pretty big…heres a small list of some changes. both in the FFA vid and not.
-Downs(aka DBNO, Down But Not Out) are gone.
-Stopping Power is GONE!
-Loadouts now have 2 weapons, a Choice of Rifle or Shotgun and a Pistol(pistol can now be dropped for another weapon on the field however)
-Grenades are now LB. Can no longer be melee’d to walls or people(direct hits with frags stick however)
-Locust are no longer the “Red” team in MP, replaced by Red COGs.
-Perfect Active Reloads are gone
-Game seems faster paced and more role commitment than previous Gears installments

Loadout weaps include: Lancer, Hammerburst, Markska(new rifle, can get headshots), Classic HB(if you preorder), Retro Lancer(said to be “fixed”), Gnasher, and Sawed Off(No longer a “wall” cone is much much smaller, and they give you 2 shots now)


Those changes sound like shit.



I’m not one to jump to conclusions like that but only the [S]quick grenade button[/S] sounds nice. That’s it.

I had to edit my shit before I even clicked post reply. Man this game sounds homo as hell.


A lot of what they’re adding will turn this into a run-of-the-mill FPS games and take away the magic that made Gears a blast to play. Will Gears 3 still keep its dedicated servers? I’ll stick to that game instead since it actually made the game finally legit.


Yeah those MP changes suck and take away alot of what made Gears Gears.


Im trying to be optimistic because I love the series but these changes sound pretty bad. It sounds like they are trying to reboot the gameplay.


Aww I’m sad they are removing Actives.


The only time I’ve ever minded perfect active reloads was when it gave you a one shot DBNO with the longshot in Gears 1.


2013 is looking more and more like the true followup to 2011. Gears, BioShock, and Dead Space all by spring time.

Hype, hype, and hype.




They still have 3 months to get their feedback. Why the hell would they remove DBNO? PAR can easily be put back in I’m hoping. Frags now acting like plasma grenades from Halo I don’t mind…but I don’t dig getting that at the expense of sticking them to the environment. Most of the changes I’m meh on but we’ll see where things head in the next couple of months.


Mines was the most awesome thing added in Gears 2. It makes camping a nuisance but not so bad you need to remove the ability.


guys, when I read these changes they boggled my mind too. But frankly, game still looks like a good time and has the gears gameplay.

Stopping Power being gone is the BEST news I’ve heard for the MP since the Party System. Way too many times in Gears 2 and 3 did the fast pace frantic gameplay come to a screeching halt the very second I got love tapped by a Lancer. Scrambling for cover or a series of walls to bounce off of. in Gears 1, Shotgun rushes were all too common, but this was because the rifle (only Lancer at the time) sucked ass when it came to damage. (unless you had more than 1 guy shooting him and pray to god he isn’t host). The rifles in this game are all definitely MUCH better on the damage side of things, so stopping Mr.Boomstick shouldn’t be as hard as before…but in that same light, if you sleep. Shotguns are getting in that ass.

Planting Nades in Gears 2 was absolutely devastating(pre-patch ragdoll smokes, ugh bad memories). You had no real time to react to them if you didn’t see them…Gears 3 did (imo) an amaing job with planting nades (well…smokes and frages. don’t think I ever killed anyone with a planted incen on purpose), really balanced them out. But man, if they didn’t change the pace of a game(assuming…you couldn’t shoot them) knowing that area was a dangerzone if you lolligaged around. I used to hide them near power weapon pick ups myself. I gotta say, the ability to quickly toss one is going to to be a complete dickery in the middle of those 1v1 shotgun moments.

While I can personally live without DBNO, I know it is a shocking removal to the competitive Multiplayer. Namely, Executions. The brutalness of them were pretty entertaining and were the staple of what made Gears, Gears. BUT…Let’s get real. At higher ranks of play, how often did you use executions (meatshields aside…which is obviously also gone)? I remember later on, I cleaned up using bullets. Cause executions took too much time.(and were dangerous if they had a nade in their hand on down) With Revives, how many times did you have to get yourself up, or get killed off by getting downed 3 times, or you got picked up into a bad situation through someone else reviving you? (you go down, teammate attempts to 1v1 shotgun dude…fails to gib, picks you up. nets enemy a double kill). I’ve been in those situations too many times to count, especially when I ventured in by myself. When I rolled with friends…8 out of 10 times, I wouldn’t get picked up, cause I made the mistake of going too far from the group in the first place.

Perfect Actives was a nice reward to the minigame for reloads. it sucks they are gone, but I know I am guilty of emptying half a clip of ammo, nail a Perfect Reload and rape everything in my path. Which is probably one of the reasons its gone. Dumb. But with Downs gone…probably a good call. Funny enough, the one thing that gets me upset…is the removal of Locust team in MP…“The Goth Squad” as a friend of mine referred to them. I think taking them out was one of the dumbest moves. The Locust were pretty humorous and cool looking. Nailing an active with a Theron("SUCCESSSSSSS!"), hearing “GRENADE!” from a Drone, or the Grenadier telling the COGs to suck…whatever the hell he said when he was on a spree, haha.

But hey, I’m willing to give it a spin before I call it garbage. Campaign is always a fun romp and Overrun will be fuckin happen’n. And guys, you all aren’t alone in your opinions on the changes. As you can guess, the Epic Forums have been blown up and twitter is going nuts with negative reaction. Personally. I expect reversals on some changes before launch.


Wall grenades in Gears 2 were much more effective than in Gears 3, frags specifically. The ragdoll effect with smokes did suck and I was glad they fixed that , but those frags had good range and were a real threat. In Gears 3, you have a lot of time to jump out of the way. They aren’t as useless as the DBNO grenade after the patch in Gears 2 but they were a less viable option to net kills.

DBNO being out will remove execution, the most fun mode IMO. That blows. Meat shields were also a huge part of the game when outnumbered and that is thought to be gone, too. DBNO had its strategic implements, too. If you knock someone down and a partner thinks it’s safe to go revive him, you can turn from a corner and used a sawed-off to kill multiple enemies. Or lob a grenade. Or Boomshot. Or mortar. That’s now gone and you may as well hop around on acid like in Halo.

Stopping power was a gotdamn GODSEND in Gears. I still remember the bullshit that was Gears 1. Roll, run, roll, run, roll FIRE SHOTGUN BLAM! Just, no. Every player complained about it and wanted stopping power for other guns. We finally get it and it’s removed? Eff that. Are we getting crabwalking back, too? Again, a lot of these things were improvements Epic built on from the first Gears and has made it a pleasant experience to play this game online. To mess with that system now is disheartening.


do not agree. and I do remember that bullshit. But I feel stopping power wasn’t the right answer. If the lancer did the damage it does now, back then(especially with headshot modifier). Wouldn’t have needed stopping power in the first place.

People didn’t want stopping power, they wanted to take down shotgun guys(which were in basically “no fear” mode back then) with something other than a shotgun or a power weapon (or a 2 pistol shot melee down). Epic’s Answer was Stopping Power. A Ranged weapon, should be a threat. And this game has 4 (I don’t count Retro) ranged rifles. I should hope, if you spot a shotgun user first and fire at them. It should do enough damage to scare them into hunting cover or if they don’t, in this games case. They die.


Lancer got a damage buff in Gears 2 that made it a threat. So that, along with stopping power, made the death run a less viable option. I heard little to no complaints in the Gears forums over it.


Probably cause when it launched, people were heated about the Matchmaking issues and Vacuum Chainsaws. :stuck_out_tongue:

j/k, but you’ll have to excuse me on Gears 2 knowledge, especially with TUs. I played at launch, the issues of Matchmaking and stuff. I moved to L4D for a good chunk of time. I came back off and on after the All Fronts Pack dropped. So for most of Gears 2, I was very absent. I do remember stopping power keeping me pinned down a lot. Unaware the Lancer got buffed there.

I played mainly Gears 1, 3, and 3’s Beta the most.


I left for L4D2, as well. I also got back into Marvel. Still, during that time when they tweaked the smoke grenades the Lancer got buffed because it was shit and there was no reason to choose it over the Hammerburst except for OP chainsaw.


As someone who’s played Gears 1-3, as Anthony Carmine every step of the way mind you, I am not very interested in this game.

Gears 2 and 3 burned every bridge possible for me to humor this as a pre-order or day 1 buy. While it is fucking awesome they’re bringing back the Gears 1 hammerburst, it’s retarded to make it a pre-order bonus. While it is awesome as fuck they made a beast/horde mash up, it’s retarded downs don’t exist in this game.

If I ever get this game it will be at a reduced price point.