Gears of War Judgment thread - Killing enemies one WOOO at a time


No active?

since its a prequel, i guess it before the COG found that ability, out



Gears 3 felt so polished. Why epic, why?!


Guts of Gears Campaign Trailer

Edit: Looks like DBNO is still in.


My gf is fucking hype for this game I think shes watched the trailer like 5 times today. Looks really good though, I hope they have a classic mode with DBNO and active reloads.


DBNO and active reloads are in.


In Campaign and Overrun? Yes. DBNOs are still in.

In Versus? Nope. Btw. Here are the Versus Modes for GoW:J
-Free For All
-Team Deathmatch(Now is kill score based rather than elimination)
-Domination(Multiple cap points at the same time.)

aaaaaand Thats it.

EDIT: Microsoft Store offers a 1600 MS Point card with purchase. And every launch copy comes with a GoW1 downloadable code.


man…I’m hoping that’s fixed if it’s true about DBNO not being in vs.


I meant for a versus mode and is that really all the modes? Multiplayer is gonna seem pretty bare :confused:


Well. Gears 3 had too many modes(according to Epic/People Can Fly), most of them very good, fun, and damn competitive. I’m not going to lie…no DBNO? I actually could live with it. Removing Locust from VS? Ok ok, that pushes my buttons some. But Im willing to let it slide. But…I have to agree. 3 VS modes? thats it? Really? Took out staple Execution(knew that was coming when DBNO was removed) and Warzone (Which, in retrospect…would have been really shitty without DBNO) Another one of the big shockers to me was removal of Wingman. Guess Assassination also would suck without DBNO…but since they are in Campaign and Overrun, its not like they couldn’t have added it. If even only for the gamemodes that needed them.

Not going to lie. I worry about this game…


I’m on the fence for pre order. Sounds like they are going for the typical multiplayer experience that’s been done over and over again.

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I just really do not get why they’ve removed DBNO nad other thigns that are justs staple to Gears, it really makes no sense.


Same reason Halo now has a sprint button and killstreaks?

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In a year I’d like the developers of Halo 4 and Gears of War Judgement to give a retrospective on those titles. Like were those changes necessary and did they actually rope in CoD die-hards.


I’m still not buying this game.


You can’t call yourself a real Gears fan if you like any of those changes. They fundamentally strip the unique elements that make Gears what it is as Raz0r pointed out. There is no justification or logic from a game play perspective, although homogenizing GoW for the COD crowd makes sense business wise I guess:bluu:

Sonichuman what kind of Gears fan makes a thread for the newest game in the franchise but then says “meh” on changes that fundamentally dumb down and homogenize the game play? That’s some really ass backwards logic. I’ll try to keep an open mind and not judge until I actually play it but there simply exists no reason to simplify the Gears franchise to begin with much like DmC.


i dont try to repy to shit on my 3ds while on break cause its a pain in the ass on this connection. but i have to ask…did you read any of my responses to things and why are you putting words in my mouth?


Yes I have but I was surprised you didn’t seem to be as bothered with some of the changes as the rest of us. I’m glad DBNO and PAR are in but the loaders becoming closer to COD’ system and the removal of fun modes is just such a step backwards, the thing is GoW3 is nearly perfect so if EPIC has to make new GoW why take out elements fans loved? especially when it sold so well?


Ah gears of war. The only shooter worth playing these days. I can’t wait for it to come out.


I’ve been worried about Epic as whole since CliffyB and those other guys left. Just because I’m not clearly showing concern and getting super pissed about shit doesn’t mean that I’m not. The removal of the modes so far is definitely a downer but the thing is I’m holding out hope on this stuff and DBNO and PAR in reload. I’m holding out for the glimmer of hope that it’ll show up in a vid next month or something. All that being said I’m still going to end up buying the game and playing it for the story and Overrun/Horde.

Calling my fandom of Gears into question is interesting since I actually wear COGtags everyday…work or otherwise. Also the fact that Gears was the game that made me set aside my dislike of Microsoft to actually pick up up their console. If it wasn’t for Gears I would have waited for the PS3 to drop further in price.