Geek inspiration


Well, not to make it seem less geeky than it is, the following story was inspired by the Magic card, Apocalypse Hydra. It’s fanfic I guess, but not a very good one. I wrote it in like 30 minutes while working, so it’s very rough. Gimme your thoughts.


The calm grass continues to flow around me, trying to calm my damaged mind. I see dead soldiers who aren?t there, invading forces that don?t exist. I strike quickly at the grass, green and yellow strands flying into the air then floating off on the back of the wind. I see myself surrounded, soldier everywhere, closing in on me. I strike again, a man falls to the ground. I spin and slice. Two heads that don?t exist tumble from their imaginary bodies. Blood fills the air, but I know it?s just grass. Visions of crimson blood are replaced by the reality of green grass. The ground rumbles underneath me. This is reality, not fantasy.