Geeky Ringtones, Anyone?


So i recently posted a story in, about how my nerdiness for video games helped me reclaim my iPhone, and it got me thinking, “just how many other SRK users have video game tunes for ringtones on their mobiles?” And, most importantly, are you porud of your geeky nature?

It would be interesting to know just what others think about this.


I have the victory tune from the Final Fantasy series as my ringtone, although I seldom have my settings on anything but “vibrate only.”


1980’s transformers theme song. Secondary one I sometimes use is the speed racer theme song.

[media=youtube]nLS2N9mHWaw[/media] (Notice how megatron has to transform into a handgun to shoot…)



I used “heavenly star” by genki rockets from lumines / no more heroes for the longest time.

some other awesome ideas are:
metal gear solid codec noise
24 / CTU telephone
xbox 360 achievement unlocked noise


I put the FF victory theme on my phone but never used it. I’m currently using the theme song of the Office. :slight_smile:


i have the no more heroes as my ringtone and the megaman 2 boss music select as my text tone


At one point, I had the MGS Codec Call for my ringtone, and the “New Challenger” sound from SFA2 as my text message sound.


MGS Codec sound effect, most specifically MGS2.

Pretty standard around here since the last time this thread popped up.


Yeah, MGS codec. But now I got a new phone and have no idea how to put it back on.


the [media=youtube]G2jUhnCU9iA[/media] is pretty good too.


you kids and your vidja game ringtones


that be mine


i got a few
pride fc theme song
robocop theme
running man theme
xmen cartoon theme
nba on nbc theme
mr perfect theme
razor ramon theme
some initial d song
and keyboard cat


Regular SF4 character select as ringtone, MGS Codec for text.


I’m a huge fan of the Ace Attorney series, so my cell phone ringtone is Phoenix Wright’s ringtone from the game. My text alert is Phoenix screaming “Hold it!”, but I’d prefer to get “Not so fast!” from Investigations…can’t figure out how yet.


I have the Japanese Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle OVA’s theme song as my ringtone. When I get a call, I hear:

POWER UP no henshin de!"

I suppose you could call that “geeky”. =P


Chun Li sound-bit “win pose” from ST.



Nuclear Launch Detected…


I have the dethphone ringer. [media=youtube]eWdEXAg1su0[/media]

And this for random people I’m fond of. [media=youtube]Wj022XKwbp0[/media]


How about this:
Speed Racer Soundtrack - Thunderhead:


My text message tone- [media=youtube]_gd0cr1iqFU[/media]