Gees K grv q.

Does Geese gain meter when he couters a move?

I tryed this out, and yes it does for anyone wanting to know.

Huh, thanks. I’ve been looking to move to K-Groove from N-Groove. I think the JD system is hard to pull off. But being an avid Geese player, predictability is what I do best.:slight_smile:

That is why K-groove is Geese’s best groove. He has JD, power and defense up when raged and does crazy damage. K-Yama is good also because he can absorb fireballs into his meter and his couter adds to his bar also.

K is probly his best overall, but you MUST master counter and JD since he loses a roll in this groove. Also, when you’re raged, always RTSD! K has both a run and small jump, which I feel peopple don’t use enough with Geese, and if they turtle rage can only help his GC abilities. If they don’t turtle (pretty unlikely) just wait for the right opportunity then super.