Geese B&B

The Japanese seem to have these all down well. I really could use some new ones myself.

The real bread and butter is

C.Jab x3, C.Roundhouse. That combo is so good. If your opponent doesn’t have safe fall, then you can super jump and get a cross-up Forward kick. If they do, you just cancel the C.Roundhouse with a Strong-Reppuken. Follow up with S.Roundhouse…

Ok, thanks. Yeah, I noticed they throw the reppukens vs. opponents in safe fall grooves. That’s one thing I did do.

Geese B&B’s:

for footies: C.Jab x 3 ->C.Roundhouse->Jab Repuken(not in combo)

After Crossup: C.Jab->C.Fierce->HCB+Jab


just - the last hit on that cross up combo should be HCB.short, right?. wow. That is pedantic :slight_smile: (sorry)

But - C.fP, HCB.sK hurts like ow, ow, geddof you bugger. When you’re doing it you’re best to hold down the C.fP and press your short kick. if you try to tap the punch then kick you’ll often get the counter instead, because of the negative edge. Can bit a little tricky on gamepads, but it’s definitely something you need to play Geese properly, I think. Guard breaks, punishing rolls and stuff. And of course, tagging on the end of jump ins.

I do have a question also, but I sispect it should be posted in a different thread, what with the new forum rules and all. Shame they deleted all the looooong threads though! all this is repetition!

[edit] Hmm, ok, so the long threads weren’t deleted, I just needed to change my thread show options to include all the old threads as well. Twat. Anyway, in that case - read the long thread lots of stuff in there, all the combo and tricks, etc. And a lot of irrelevant posturing and lies also.

Aight, I got:

cr.jab x 3, cr.roundhouse, qcf + strong
s.fierce, s.short, hcb + short

j.forward, cr.jab x 3, cr.roundhouse, qcf + strong
j.forward, cr.jab, cr.fierce, hcb + short

Though there really aren’t too many here, they are pretty pissy and very effective.

yea I obviously meant short.

Holding the Fierce button is key, I always make sure I do that, for comboing the super too.

Negative edged low counter is definately bad, and easily punishable 9 times out of 10. It’s possible to actually use the NE low counter vs. footsies who may fall for it, but that’s less damage in the end anyways, and doesn’t look as cool. The risk isn’t worth it.