Geese Combos and Glitches

Geese Combos and Glitches

and again in the words of Majestros

"List your favorite combos here using standard abbreviation conventions. Include the proper damage from the training data in training mode.

In order to get an accurate number, make sure to set your character’s super meter to either “Normal” or “Max Start” because “Infinity” and “Recover” will give the combo an illegal damage boost. Also, make sure to perform the combo against P-Groove or A-Groove because some of the other grooves have meter-based defense bonuses. Finally, make sure to perform the combo when the opponent has a full lifebar, because otherwise the damage will be reduced depending on how low the opponent’s health is.

Also, discuss any glitches or bugs the character has, not including Roll Cancel. RC discussion belongs in a strategy thread."

Well I’ll post some quckies: x2, c.lp, c.rh- a version of his B&B, s.fp xx hcb+mk- pain cross-up combo

c.lp x2, xx deadly rave, end with, s.fp xx hcb+mk

I’ll write more combos and the damage later. I don’t think he has any glitches.


Geese can link alot of shit from his light attacks, especially on counter hit., c.lp- easy link

c.lp/, s.fp or c.fp- It’s easier (or at least it seems) to link the c.fp instead, it comes out in 3 frames.

c.lp, sweep- this is your friend, easy and gives a knockdown.

meaty close, c.lp, sweep- Also a easy link, far or close real easy also, can cancel to DR

More combos: x2 xx double reppuken/jaieken- the double reppuken a safe push away combo, hit or blocked, the jaieken does good stun. xx jaiken/normal or double reppuken- basically the same as above., c.fp/s.fp xx repukken/jaieken

c.lp x2, c.rh xx raging storm- I find this one to be more useful for C/N Geese than other grooves

Geese also has an infinite…something that some refuse to believe. My friend does it.

…in svc haha.

NO. S-groove Cvs2. He can’t put it on a video, since we don’t know jack about editing. Is hard to believe, but is true. He actually did it on the arcade, and I don’t think there are ex grooves or anything on an arcade cabinet. :karate: :wow:

Ryumexicano :clap:

sounds like crazy shit. how do you do it? your friend go to camelot?

yEAHG, that batch goes to Camelot. He is some Mexican dude with beard. His name is Loui, so if you see him playing tell him if he knows about an S-groove infinite for Geese. I haven’t seen it personally, but my friends saw it. I didn’t believe it like Kim’s infinite, but they pulled that shit in my face hahahaha That fool makes crazy combos, so I am sure he knows how to do it. He showed how to do it, but I had to work :frowning: If you see him, or if I see him I’ll tell him to show it to you. He wants everyone to see it on video, but I don’t know what happened. I guess I fucked his shit!!! :sad: HE had that surprise, but I think it won’t be any more because of my big mouth hahahahaha


Vega/Iori/Chun-li (Kyo)

That’s that batche’s team!!

  1. Geese does not have an infinite. Unless you can do it yourself, or can properly explain how it is done, stop claiming it’s true.

  2. Stop saying batch.

  3. Geese does have 1 amazing combo in S groove, but it’s not an infinite, and it works best on characters with low stun. Here it is, BATCH!!! cross-up mk, s. lk, s. hp xx deadly rave(requires full bar+flashing life), lp, lp, lk, lk, mp, mk, hp, hk…, s. hp xx mk jaiken
    That performed on sakura leaves her dizzy, so charge up your meter and try to do it again. It will get Sakura dizzy at least 3 times, maybe 4. BUT IT’S STILL NOT AN INFINITE!!! Mainly because there is no redizzy in cvs2.

Maybe is not an infinite, who knows. I just believe him because I didn’t believe Kim’s shit too. It is probably some huge damage combo…I don’t know. You are right. I shouldn’t be claiming that it is an actual infinite…My bad, I accept it. I don’t even know what batch is, or if it means something. I might as well stop writing that ugly word.


an infinite is just a loop that once is started does not need any meter. c-kim, s-kyosuke, shin gouki are the only ones that have any infinites… (unless ur in training mode) sigh BiATCH!!! (i think the word was just missing a letter lol)

just thought i’d share this knowledge:

s.:mp: is a very good alternative to c.:mk:

imo this makes comboing to deadly rave way easier.

c.:lp:x2 > :r:+s.:mp: xx deadly rave

s.:mp: leaves you in a very good position to buffer into DR compared to going from :d::mk: to :r:.

sometimes if i land a jumpin i like to go for

c.:lp: > s.:mp: xx jaeiken

its a lot easier to do that instead of trying for a link to :hp: because the :mp: has a better reach than c.:hp: or cl.:hp:

also, for block strings finishing with s.:mp: xx reppuken helps you out simply because the oppenent is unsure if this is rollable. everyone is familiar with seeing c.:mk: xx reppuken, but not with :mp:

i <3 s.:mp: :encore:


c.:lp: c.:lk: xx double reppuken =(iirc)same damaga and stun as:

c.:lp:x3 > c.:hk:

if you’re close enough for the first combo then go for it over the second one. no risk of missing your link and gettin rolled through. if you’re too far away to hit with double reppukens, c.:lk: cancels into reppukens REALLY well, so unless you’re at max c.:lk: range, it should still combo. if you’re really close you can do c.:mk: and combo it. or if you like being really ghetto:

empty jump > c.:mk: xx double repuken

i hate those empty jump combos :sad:. it’s a good combo to do after a :hk:throw in the corner. because (iirc) you can cross them up after that throw, or you can land behind them and try the above combo. be careful of doing double reppukens when YOUR OPPENENT is cornered though, you could get screwd in the end.

hrm now if only i could find a good use for f+:hp:…god i hate that move…

Why do you hate F+FP? That move is great, it hits meaty, you can combo a raging storm in the corner with it, it takes a NICE chunck out of the gaurd meter, its cancelable, you can mix it in with your poke strings, in other words, C.Lpx2 or 3, then F+FP, mp reppuken this guard string will take a gang of guard meter off your opponent, plus lets say they block the Deadly Rave (the first hit of it)you can F+FP and Mp reppuken safely while still taking a chunk of the gaurd meter, Geese eats gaurd meters for breakfast lunch and dinner. I call F+F the …–>

I think it’s easiest to do this motion: f, df, d+MK, db, b, f+LK. Actually the MK can happen during any of the (df, d, db) part, but you know what I mean. With this method, you can just do d.jab, d.jab, then immediately do the Deadly Rave motion with the d.MK in the middle of it. The link timing is pretty loose in d.jab -> d.MK, so you’ll probably get it. Unless you practise.

yeah but i suck at pressing :d::mk: in the middle of the motion :sad:

i <3 s.:mp: :tup:

I just do cross over mk, s.fierce into dr…then combo into s.fierce mk jaei ken. The fierce does more stun than s.lp x2 and (well I was in K groove so I dunno if stun is affected by Rage).


I agree, cross up Mk, close S.Lkx2, C.Mk, Deadly Rave, the last hit before the QCb+Fp, cancel into S.Lk, S.Fp, Mk jai-eh-ken, jab after for the dizzy on characters with a 70 point dizzy.
If you can jump in with Fk, into S.Lk, C.Lk, C.Mk, Into the rest of the combo above its an instant dizzy, no its not super practical but just a thought.

my 2 cents on geese combos:

  • never use hcb+MK in combos, use hcb+LK instead [it can also combo off of c.LK, c.LK]
  • crossup j.MK, close s.LK, c.HP xx hcb+MK [bloops! i buffered the jaiken and got a c.HP on accident, the enemy just blocked the jaiken and gets to kill me for free :(]
  • close s.LK/c.LP/c.LK -> close s.HP/c.HP xx hcb+LK works everytime guaranteed
  • crossup j.MK, c.LP, c.LP, c.MK xx hcb,f+LK -> f+HP xx qcf+MP WHERE THE FUCK DID MY GUARDBAR GO AAHHHHHHH!!!

I never buffer the jai-eh-ken, when I do it from s.fp out of a deadly rave combo. Thats why I dont mess up, but I see where your coming from, its just safer to do the lk version. I usually go for the lk version after a GB CC. There in the corner and there gaurd is broken,, s.fp,
lk jai-eh-ken, cause mk verion wont connect after a gaurd break.

Fight On:nunchuck:

it’s not safer at all to do the :lk: version at all on block :rolleyes:. according to the guide, on block, all versions leave you at -23. someone would have had to either sneeze or be a complete dumbass to miss a combo after that. however there is a solid reason to use the :lk: jaeiken over :mk:. first of all, i’ve noticed that in order for the :mk: to be comboed from cl.:hp: you have to cancel it a bit earlier than the :lk: version. the difference is small but still VERY noticeable. when i made the switch to :lk: i comboed it much easier just because i wasnt nervous about cancelling the cl.:hp: fast enough and that damn f+:hp: move. also the :mk: version does only 100 more damage, so it’s not a big sacrifice just to use :lk:. another more useful aspect of switching over is the recovery after knockdown. :lk: version leaves you with A LOT more time to move around than :mk:. this is really useful against safe fall grooves.

I never said anything about doing it on block:bluu:
But whatever makes you happy:tup: