Geese Howard DLC

I’ve been digging, and I can’t seem to find any information on whether or not Geese will be locked behind the season pass. A couple of sources have said yes, and others have said no. I’m brand new to Tekken/Tekken 7, so apologies if this is old news and I’ve somehow missed it.

you can get him either with the dlc pack2
or by owning the season pass.

How much will the DLC pack cost?

thats something i would like to know too.
geese we all find it out tomorrow on the 30th

Eliza was $4.99, but I never picked her up so I don’t know if she qualifies as a “pack.” Geese is coming with his stage, two pieces of BGM, and two extra costumes.

And the answer is 7,99€

And I haven’t bought the new Anna and Lei DLC yet. :tired_face: