Geese Moveset and Attributes

Geese Moveset and Attributes

And once more from Majestros:

"Discuss the character’s entire moveset here, including normal moves, special moves, super moves, and all the other miscellaneous stuff like counter attacks, rolls, dodge attacks, jumps, and throws.

Also list attributes such as dizzy count, lifebar points, character size and special hitbox properties.

Once a full movelist including frame data has been provided for the character, this post will be edited to include all of it, with proper credit to the guy who copied all that stuff from the Japanese guide or whatever."

I’ll post some stuff later.

Geese can move. He has a good run, a OK dash, but most prefer him with a run.

Jumping- Geese has a real good jump IMO. He can easily super jump to punish fireballer from full screen, depending on the character, with j.rh, sweep, or whatever you prefer ( into DR if you have it). Geeses low jump rh, mk, mp, and fp are all really useful. You can pressure from a distance with lj.rh, or upclose with lj.hp. All character must block both hits of the lj.fp, if they duck too early the second hit will get them, allowing you to combo into a DR if you have the meter. is good to cross-up with after a kick slam, if done meaty you can easily combo a, s.fp xx hcb+mk. is good air to air.

Roll- Another reason people prefer K-Geese (beside the power up) is because his roll is useless. If it were a little better it would be crap. The use for his roll is RC. Or if you want to lose.

Dodge- WORST DODGE PUNCH IN THE GAME. It’s so crappy it should do damage to Geese. His dodge kick is decent, though the range is not great, good priority on it.

Counter attack- He does his palm strike, a good safe counter.

Throws- Basically, if you want your opponent away from you, say Kyo for example, use punch. To keep the pressure on, use kick, good damage on both, kick sets up a low jump cross-up.

Dizzy- Along with with Sim and crap ahem I mean Dan, Geese gets out of stun the fastest in the game I’ve gotten out of stun with Geese in less than a second plenty of time, even right when I get up. Geese has 70 stun which is average, and give out lots of stun with his normals and jaieken.

Life- Geese is tied with Rugal with the second highest HP in the game. Besides, look how big he is, he looks like he can take a beating.

Strength- When Geese hits you, it hurts, bottom line. He is up there with Sagat, and the big men in terms of strength.

Size- Of course he does have disadvantages, size being one. He a big target. He can’t duck alot of great normal, which make it hard for him to fight Guile/Sagat/Rog, etc because of the s.fp and backfist. If knocked down he’s a easy cross-up target.

I post more later.

Geese seems to have a wierd hitbox when he is standing, I dunno whether he’s just decepitvly thing or something but some stuff just seems to miss him when it looks like it should connect.

Eg. Pick Ryu and try to do st hp xx hp shoryuken on standing geese, it never connects, yet it will connect on the small characters like cammy and sakura.

Also some cross ups seem to never be able to hit him when he’s standing, even if u do them meaty after a knockdown, the main ones i know of are shoto’s jumping mk and cammy jumping lk. Sucks cause i always forget about this and end up getting thrown after my crossup misses, so annoying.

Does anyone have any idea why Geese is like this, does he have some sort of pyramid shaped hitbox or something?

Can Geese catch DPs with low counter? Just wondering. :slight_smile:

No. All supers and specials must be countered high(with jab).

the thing with stuff missing geese is a none blocking geese has the skinniest hitbox in the game. This makes hime really hard to connect certain things on. And if your brave it also makes him really hard to crossup, you just can’t block otherwise I think he becomes average size.

This probably isnt part of this thread (1st post, new here) but Geese is my fave game boss, hes really great fighter, but i have big trouble doing the Raging Storm. Can anyone suggest a good thumb motion on how to do it?


haha i’m late, but thanks i’ll try practicing tonight! :tup:

Good ground poke c.lpx2, XX mp reppuken

Good shit.


Can you read Japanese? How did you get the translation for the little notes about the Jaiken etc…?

I see you took the time to put down the data for a whole bunch of other characters as well. EXCELLENT work, regardless of whether you’re actually translating for real or just being like me most of the time and making stuff up. :lol:

Anyway, it’s awesome that other people are finally starting to chip in more often now. I hope it’s a trend that keeps up.

want a geese tip? dont use geese. use sagat. hes like the good geese.

Man I tried using Geese the other day in A groove…holy crap this character’s slow as hell. His dash is like half an electric slide. WTF!?! His custom is pretty good though.
I then tried him in K, a little better with run but I was having some trouble AAing my opponent. Lots of trades and just plain stuffing going on.
I gave up.

i think chun-li is the good geese :xeye:

i beat a sakura :hk: hurricane the other night with geese’s s.:mp: :clap: . not sure if it was RC’d though. someone test that out.

edit: no, dont try this it doesnt work for shit. theres like a frame or two where :mp: can beat it clean, but its not practical

Sagat… bah. Heheh.

Can you hit the deadly rave in all grooves? In some grooves, it doesn’t seem to go.

only in grooves where geeese’s avatar looks fiercest.