Geese = offensive or defensive minded?

i have only been playing geese for like, 2 months, and i am having difficulties.
some people have told me to sit around and counter what my opponent does with either parry/jd or one of the geese counters or just with a high priority poke.
and some other people tell me to low jump at their asses with hk or hp, and try to guard crush them.i dont know whats better, just sitting around or trying to crush them as quickly as possible?

Just be comfortable with him, if you like to turtle or fight alot of A-Groove then sit back.

If you can R.T.S.D. on a lesser opponent then rush with him.

the second group is so big so once lock-down starts it dont end. The first group is 50/50 but i also use geese ratio 2 so i allways face the second group so i lock-down cause a mid ranged fight dont happen. sit on c.hp,qcf mp/Mid crack counter/deep or deep,hp,hcb mk. With the first group u just have to catch them and im good at catching pepole.turttle is my week point thats the only time i lose.