Geese poke strings



I use to be fairly ok with Geese but I forgot how to play him for Guile and Kim.

I remember some easy GC strings but nothing great any adivce?


there’s always the standard cr.jabx2,cr.rhxxReppuken, but if I’m in a run groove I’ll usually stop after the jabs and do running strings. Someone posted some good GC shit in the general CvS2 forum, under a thread about K-Geese.


i was wondering do you guys recommand p groove for average
players,cause i have been using geese for a long time in n groove

now i think its time for a change



P-Geese is the hardest Geese to use (or at least the hardest one worth using). It involves a weird playing style for Geese. Low jumps and parries are rushdown-friendly, but he lacks run and quick recovery in P. One plus is that you can sit on meter, but without run it’s harder to GC, so you have to rely on using it defensively, or the fact that you CAN use it defensively to play some mind games.

If you want to switch from N, K is a good way to go. Just don’t try to RC (embarassing), learn to JD (easy), and play just a bit more aggresively. Since you’re in N, you probably have low jump and running block strings down, and you probably know when to quick recover (which is better than tactical recovery IMO).