geese sprites

could someone give me some cvs2 geese sprites. :tup:

just go here:

i saved it. but i cant see the sprites, i dont know what to open them up in.

You should be able to see them with just the default “Microsoft Photo Editor” i have, i took a screen shot.

I don’t know about anything else, but this is what i use.

Or do you mean winrar?

i dont have that program…>.<

could you just send the sprite?

You can always use photoshop.

Or you guys could just give him what he wants…

Bottom, Animations, welcome. :bgrin:

i cant send all the sprites. they have over 1000 in there, i think. Just download winrar or someshit. yeah, or use what saffrons ghost gave you.

good stuff man.
thanx for all the help kids. :clap: