Geese Stategies and Matchups

Geese Strategies and Matchups

And in the words of Majestros:

"Since most strategies and tricks are matchup-dependent, it makes sense to group the two together. Discuss anything useful in actual matches here, from specific tactics, to character-dependent move counters, to overall gameplans. The more specific you get, the better. It would be greatly appreciated if you took the time to test out everything you plan on saying in training mode to make sure that it works and to provide some numbers for stuff like damage and dizzy amount.

Other than that, try not to piss anyone off or start any flame wars."

I’ll go over some Geese basics.


c.fp- your main anti-air, trades with very few jump-ins, if done deep you can cancel into a RS.

RagingStorm- I don’t really have to explain this one.

close s.fp- It’s actually pretty good in some cases as an anti-cross-up, but I’m pretty sure it’s not universal, it’s more character specific.

Main pokes:

far s.fp- Good priority, power, speed and fairly abusable against characters who can’t duck it. (safe from JD?)

far s.rh- safe 99% of the time, don’t get it parried or JDed. It hit people try to jump away from your pokes, and once out it has very good priority. I believe it’s a 4-frame attack, and has good recovery and safe when JDed, seems to beat out alot of things. Good priority. This is really good vesus Cammy especially, but has decent range but is a lesser used poke.

c.rh- quick, strong, big recovery. From max range when cancelled into a reppuken, some characters can punish with a super, low jump, etc.

s.lp- throw out every once in a while when your opponent is playing footsies, will beat out alot of things, and no can punish a light punch on reation.

When in close:

Geese’s light attacks all give really good frame advatage except far lk. His jabs (from KCXJ’s data) are +8! That makes running jabs very effective for Geese in a running groove, CAP uses can use close walking shorts to some effect.

Geese’s close ( the one to where he bitch slaps himself ) can be used as a meaty, but I’m not sure of the frame data, but it seems to be his best one. Walk forward a bit a try for a couter hit c.lp and link a far s.fp or c.rh.

Since Geese can gaurd break well, some scubbier people tend to mash on jabs, you can jab x2, any counter if you can guess what button there pressing

The counters:
(In K-groove they build meter if successful, all have bad recovery)

High counter- For those who don’t know, it counters all jump-ins, specials, supers. This also counter RC’s obvioulsy, especially annoying ones, Honda, Blanka, Raiden. I tend to use this more for things I can see coming. An example would be Terry cancelling the tip of his into a crackshot. Since it doesn’t combo, coutern that shit.

Mid counter- Counter all mid attacks, for the most part with maybe a few exceptions, if it doesn’t hit low it will be countered unless it’s the above. Hard too use.

Low counter- Also hard to use, anything that must be blocked low this will counter.

I’ll post more later.

Nah man. He’s raisin the roof.

This is really way more advanced than you need to be. Also really risky for a relatively low payoff. The easiest thing to do to counter mashers would be to do 2 jabs, wait slightly, then hit another low jab which should counter hit. From there link roundhouse and cross up. If you have super available just do one blocked low jab, wait, counter hit low jab, link low forward, deadly rave. This is actually Geese’s entire up close game in a nutshell (well, after you add in roundhouse throws once they stop mashing… and the occasional cross up).

Geese has soul, lol.

Well, I don’t do it, but I see other peeps do it, just an FYI thing. And KCXJ, thanks for posted all the frame data you do, it helps alot.

K Geese vs Blanka

Since Geese’s cr MP is actually Super cancelable, in cases where you predict a slide (and you don’t have low jump groove or don’t have time to low jump)… cr MP XX deadlyrave is good punisher. Geese’s j Strong is good vs a Blanka trying to cross you up. Jump back and do that to prevent crossups, since Blanka’s jump can sometimes arc above your cr FP. Geese’s best cr FP whiff punisher is cr RH. It scores knockdown gets you the crossup, also 7 fwd FP is great mixup off of poke string to get added guard crush and pressure. Oh, and don’t use trip for anything more than a whiff punisher if Blanka has a lvl3 and a charge… although you can do a ghetto trick to bait it, cr RH XX highcounter, to bait the super and counter it, I don’t recommend it except once in a great while. And high counter is good deterrent for meaty RC electric… but smart blankas will mixup meaty cr LK and cr LK whiff meaty RC electric and throws. So don’t counter like an idiot everytime.


One note, Geese’s cr MK gives the advantage, so you use that as part of your rushdown. If you do a couple running jabs, you see one CH, go to cr MK into super for combo. You can use a couple cr jabs, and then go to cr MK, which gives you +1. Then you can either cr RH if they try to stick something out and get yourself some knockdowns. From there you can mixin cr MK XX FB or cr MK, then fwd FP XX FB to get more guard crush… etc.

I don’t really play geese much but I am pretty consistent on the raising storm. I normally use c-groove and was wondering if it was worth it for me to cancel the level 2 into the level 1 when I get the option because it does so much damage(I don’t remeber the exact figure but it’s over 9000 I think). Or should I just save up for the chance to land the deadly rave combos?

if you get the chance to do big damage, take it. sometimes you might not get another chance. and to those crazy enough to jump in on geese with meter, game over.

What am I supposed to do against Yamazaki jumping in with j.MK all day? Yamazaki has a really lame jump-in angle, and Geese doesn’t have a poke that really beats it consistently. Raising Storm is kind of out of the question, and mostly when I try f+HP I get counter hit since I react too slowly. High counter can only work for so long too.

Maybe there’s a problem with my overall Yamazaki strategy? What do you guys do against him?

Does c.FP ever work?

Do high counters until yama starts empty jumping, then you can c. fp his ass. Go back and forth between counter and fp until he is dead, lather, rinse, repeat. Geese’s c. fp is a very fast attack and should trade, I’ll likely test it in a few months(:p) and get back to you on that.

Yamazaki never needs to be a jump happy whore. I don’t see why your opponent is jumping so much, unless you let him.

hey kcxj, whats the frame data on far LK and the repukens?

J.HK is another one of Geese’s anti air. It comes out pretty fast and has lots of horizontal range. You hit the roundhouse button as soon as Geese is in the air. Just like the same way when your punishing a blocked blanka ball.

Unlike the c.hp, a back jumping roundhouse should also leave you at a safe position if someone JD’s or parry your attempt to anti-air them.

If your anticipating Yamazaki to be jumping in at a far angle, you can do a back jumping roundhouse to counter his jump attack. Geese will beat that most of the time. Even if it trades, the trade damage is in Geese’s favor.

If Yama is right on top of you, Geese’s c.hp will beat yamazaki’s clean. You just have to press c.hp a little bit early. If you press it late, the c.hp will trade or get stuffed by Yama’s The trade damage will be in Geese’s favor.

RC fierce repuken would work also if you’re in a roll groove.

See this is the problem, I know what to do if Yamazaki is close (cr.HP), it’s when he’s very far away and does this shit and cr.HP doesn’t reach.

Well anyway thanks for the input guys, I will try some of this stuff out next chance I get.

I went into training to see what Geese could do vs Yama’s from max range.

On the ground it’s best to JD/Parry/RC repukken, because all of Geese’s moves get beat clean. I would jump back, prefferably low jump, roundhouse. It’s hard to fight Yamazaki with Geese, my next post I guess I’ll do the pros and con of that match.

a quick little tip for Geese vs. Sagat.

you can run under his high tiger shot. Especially on XBL plenty of people DON’T know this. It’s sweet :tup:

He can run under Yama’s mp slash too

Havin trouble vs Bison. Any suggestions? I try the low poke game, usually doesn’t work. Try and wait for a LV 3 Rage storm counter for a win…lame but can be a pretty good comeback

Sometimes I have trouble with blanka, especially when he knocks me down
then cross up, and poke strings, and the guy I play against always does a c.fp at the end, is geese able to counter that in any way. I use A&S groove.

What do you do to punish a blocked Blanka ball? s.RH is waaay too slow and I don’t think f + FP is far enough (is it?). So what are his good and bad match ups (ppl like…Sagat,Blanka,Rock,Cammy…and Eagle. yeah. Eagle.)

Actually bro, geese can counter a blocked blanka ball.
And guess what it’s his S.Rh!(yeah I wouldnt think so either) the trick is you have to block the blanka ball late and high, walk slightly forward and I mean slightly, and S,Rh that shit.(I got that from Gunter)
Not the best counter but at least he can punish it. They cant really punish you if your timings slightly off anyway, this is what enables him to punish with a custom, far S.Rh, into Lk jai-eh-kin (1 hit), into whatever. Its not the easiest thing but its not too difficult either.
Funny thing is I use Eagle and Geese in custom:lol:, I’ve never had to fight Eagle using Geese (sorry I couldn’t be off more help). He doesnt do so bad against sagat. I’ve developed counter customs for a head on blanka ball and and Level 3 blanka ball, which prove to be extremely reliable, if your intrested I’ll post them later.

Fight On:nunchuck:

Im having trouble with K hibiki, any help will be much appreciated.