geese super



hey is it posible to sweep and then use rishing storm.


Yes, it is possible…yet being able to pull this off consistently requires immense skill and practice. Believe me…I’ve only landed that a couple of times and I’ve been playing Geese for a while. If you can get good enough, you could actually combo it off of c. jabs! Just try this on for size… j. MK(cross-up), c. LPx2, c. HK xx Raging Storm. You might be able to sneak in one more c. LP, but it might push them too far away for all the hits to connect on the Raging Storm. Just practice your ass off if you wanna do this in a real fight.



sweep into raging storm actually isn’t that hard. Just do this. start at db. now, go to forward and begin a clockwise 360 motion, and at df/d/db, hit roundhouse. then, continue the circle until you reach df again and hit a punch.

It’s much harder to do C.jab x2, c.roundhouse, raging storm, but using this method is still easy. you just need to know the timing for when to hit the roundhouse.


Well, if you have all the time in the world then yeah. Either that, or you’ve got some damn good anticipation skills. It really isn’t that hard to do it in the training room or when you know that the computer is gonna whiff that dp; however, when you are trying to combo it off of a sweep on reaction it becomes a hell of a lot harder to pull off. That is why it is easier to combo it. The only times I’ve done it during a good match is by comboing it from c. jabs to sweep to Raging Storm. I dunno…I’m not dissin’ or anything, but I’m just sayin’ it takes a lot of practice to get it down.



That is an interesting way to do it though. I’m gonna have to try that.



Actually, it’s not that hard to do on reaction. What you do is pump the motion no matter what. That way, you have a slight amount of time more before you decide to commit to a raging storm. It doesn’t hurt to do the motion if you aren’t going to try to cancel the roundhouse with any other move. Most of the time, you’ll see that your opponent is open when you’re going to stick out the roundhouse anyway.

Also, if you can learn the timing of the c.jab x2, c.roundhouse xx raging storm, then you never have to worry about that.


I find that once you get into doing your high counter from a low block position, the raging storm just follows naturally. After all, from a low block position to a high counter gives you the whole motion except the df part. So, just make sure you use that high counter plenty (and you probably should be, for specials at least), and then just try to add the df on the end. Once you can snap out the low block position to high counter nice and fluidly, the rasing storm is just the next step.

Hmm - I knowI’m not actually describing a new motion or anything, but it helped me, mentally at least. And yeah, in a training room or during a fight are veerrrry different. As for comboing it from a 360 motion and sweep, I think I may just forget about that one for a while, or buy a joystick :wink: