Geese vs Sagat?

I play a K Geese, and I am finding it hard to beat Sagat with him. I dont have as much trouble with my Ken or Terry, though. I can JD with terry, and Buster Wolf when he trys a Tiger shot, and Ken has a roll to get under the tiger shots, and an invincibility frame with DP… Sometimes I get caught in fireball traps with geese. Sure I can JD them all, but i have trouble getting OUT of them. Sometimes the only way to get out is to jump in and get nailed with a Tiger Uppercut, and try to hit on the recovery, but thats unwanted damage. It’s the ranged game that kills me. That damned Tiger Fireball is so high on the screen that I have trouble jumping out of it…And Sagats damned jumping feirce is so friggen good…uugh…I’m looking for some decent help, so please don’t just say “Sagats tier, what do you expect?”

if he throws a low tiger shot use ur repluken. if its high just defend and move forward. eventually u will be close enough to start and attack. if that doesnt work then just defend run foreward. till u get to sagat. then u should try to stay close and open him up. poke as much as u can and throw of he tries to roll. if he jumps c.f try to keep preasure on so u dont fall into the same trap again. hope that helps

jUst duck the high fireballs and double repuken the low tiger shot. Geese’s standing fierce stuffs Sagat’s c.fp and trades or stuffs the standing fp. Geese’s s.rh is good to close the gap and gives Geese frame advatage I believe. When you have a level 3 just Deadly rave through a fireball. Low jump rh has great range, and low jump mk is good too. If you think he will uppercut, jump in and shippuken. It’s still a hard match, but truthfully Geese can handle Sagat especially K-Geese.

To let you all know… With Geese, you can just run under his high tiger… You don’t have to JD or Parry or anything, you can just run under it hahaha. Hope that helps.