Geese's counters

Does anyone have tips for using these like S.rh then use low counter or any others like that?

i just use them when they get predictable, or i know that they are going to do an attack. ie: jumping attack, high counter.

now i have a question, which counters should i use to stop kim’s half kick flip thing and nak’s slide?

Remember counters are wake-up moves, so you can wake up with any counter that goes with that character ( Geese and Bison usually jab so mp counter them, Rugal is short kick so lp counterfor him. )

With most Ken’s I have seen, if they’re an AGI Ken then they will for sure go into c.short x3 then move to a hurricane kick or an overhead, high counter for both. Or if you’re fast enough, low counter to begin with. Kinda hard with the xbox controller sometimes if you’ve been playing for too long.

This is true, just note that this is SPECIAL moves.

I’m pretty sure that the low counter counters all normals that aren’t jumping or overheads. There’s no sense in ever using the mid counter as far as I know. I could be wrong on this so I seek confirmation.

I think someone used a mid-counter on me once. It is, of course for s.normals…but i don’t think anyone has a s.normal in a combo that’s predictable enough…so basically don’t use it because you’ll prolly never need to.

Nah, what I’m sayin is that low counters counter all low AND mid attacks. and since this is so as far as I know, and high counter covers overheads, jump-ins and specials, then mid counter is a waste, and there’s no point in ever using it.

I always thought one thing that would make Geese so much better yet is an air counter. Just a random thing to ponder.

which counters should i use consistently against the top tiers (ie sagat, cammy, blanka)?

and lets say i get right next to a downed opponent and have a feeling they’re going to wake up dp. high counter, right?

and be sure not to get predictable. sometimes after somebody gets smacked with a high counter on a jump in only once, they’ll do an empty jump and throw. just don’t use a counter, and throw their asses right when they land, or CC. either way, they’re completely guessing now.