Geeses f+hp and regular hp

does anything actually combo off a connected f+hp?
or a standing far hp?

RS, or Kara into a counter.

rs connects off a f+hp?

His Far hp is like a Anti jump attack and works great on zoning big chracaters.

Yes his rS can be linked from F+HP.

is Far hp good against small chars?

Little Characters ~~~~~~~~\ Geese
little characters with fast attacks > Geese. :frowning:

so whats his best poke against small chars?
i play p- groove by the way

PLaying P-Give you a good adnavtage (parry) but thats about it.

Small characters…ermm…I try and keep them on the ground with some of his GC strings and tick throws and besides that if you can land a good BnB on of them your pushing over 44 stun :wtf: so a few pokes and a good BnB or throw and you got something cooking.

Just keep Mr.Howard away from vega and Gat.

Geese does better in a run groove, imo. Geese’s crouching jab is one of the best in the game, so when you’re playing small characters you’re going to want to use and abuse it. Parry doesn’t really help Geese’s overall gameplan. N/K from my experience are his best grooves, so if you’re playing smaller characters you can run, c.jab and chain it/hit confirm it into a super (deadly rave).

I know you said you play P, but his dash sucks, and parry isn’t good enough to have a disadvantage of not having run and taking forever to build your bar. Just remember his crouch jab either way… it’s so damn good.

P-Geese is sick and his dash is crazy fast. I have no clue what you’re talking about. :bluu:

How is P Geese better than K? How does his dash give him more of an advantage over run? Why would you want to be forever building your bar when you can be doing more damage with more access to DR and breaking guards faster?

Cause P-Geese’s Dash" Its like hey I got hop so i’m going to score a knockdown hop over you and throw again.

Then let you block dash toward then throw again. small jump into Raising storm. GGFUCKING PO~!

Oh yeah haha dont forget you can parry into deadly rave which means you wont have to fight as much trying to score it with links…cant say counter hits cause you snag a really big frame advantage from P. :rofl: SNK’s Geese Meter. K, A Then P

SNK Dictionary:::Hop = Low Jump

I usually hit confirm DR off of his strings. In K their guard breaks pretty fast, especially with keeping constant pressure on them, so I’m able to land one at least once a round (and control the air with RS). I’m not saying parry isn’t good, I mean I love P Groove, and being able to parry into moves is a big plus, but why would you want the other stuff over K? For the throw setups that his dash provides? P Geese just seems gimmicky to me.

Interesting that you guys mentioned small faster guys can punish Geese at ease. In fact I had a game yesterday against a player who abused me with Yun. I never knew Yun could be such a pest since I rarely encounter players who use him effectively. What he did was using the lunging punch move to get close into me or attack me by surprise. Once he’s close he uses the jabs to poke me to death or throw me in conjuction. Everytime I tried to do something I either get poked to death or get hit by the diving kick move and that annoying lunge move. I basically had no room to play with. Geese’s moves aren’t as fast as I thought or maybe I’m just not that good with him.

But seriously, what’s the best way to counter pest opponents who are faster than you like Yun and Kim? Those two characters have probably one of the best air diving attacks and long reach crouching kicks. I block low to his kicks and he uses the overhead attacks. I block up and they sweep me. Oh btw can Geese upper counter catch Kim’s diving kick or his overhead kick? I never had success with that either it can’t counter or my timing was off.

Punish his whiffed Lounge punches with a good BnB (Cr.lp,cl.Hp into Jeai ken) since he has low stun. Counter his Air Dives or small jump back and do Geese’s High kick, it should trade and you’ll do more damage/(if your not using P/K do his RC double reppryuken.)

More off when he jumps and you have meter do QCB HCB DF HP and punish him for jumping. As for him being in your face try delayed get up for score a knockdown with a counter then go for a meaty since I Don’t(not sure) beilive yun has a Dragon punch based move.