Gekiro help


Sorry if this has been asked before, but I cannot come across any definitive results when I use the search option. Can somebody help me out on the rhythm/timing to get a full complement of hits on the Gekiro? I am having trouble consistently performing to completion of the move


This should help


Something I’ve always found the most helpful is to stop trying to time the blows, look at the positioning of your opponent relative to Gen in air. You can mash the button as long as your opponent is perfectly level or just below Gen, but as soon as the opponent gets too high, you have to wait that split second to let the character drop back into the sweet spot. My button presses sound a LOT different from the tempo in the above video, I find that it seems like a gradual increase in tapping speed for me, but I’ve gotten fairly consistent now. Be warned that it seems that there are times where it is impossible to get a full Gekiro (especially hk) when the positioning is weird, as is the case sometimes when you knock characters out of certain unique attacks and specials.

Guess that works too,probably is less consistent though especially in the corner where you can’t always see how you’re positioned.

I simply memorize the rhythm after the 3rd follow-up kick (4th kick including the first one), and sometimes do the three follow-ups slowly while I recall myself of the rhythm afterward.

I usually do all the kicks relatively fast, but not mash.

I guess I’m still doing something wrong still and I can’t figure out what exactly?! I watched the youtube clip and am tapping in much the same rhythm for the HK variant… Tap… Tap, tap… Tap, tap, tap then immediately tap x2

The whole thing seems to fall apart after the 3 successive taps - on some occasions Gen will get out the first of the final 2 hits, but drop the last. I was in practice mode and was making sure the dummy was at or below character height

i dont even get the concept for gekiro at all. it does less damage than most uppercuts, build less meter is way more unsave and has less priority unless ex version. what’s the point in making this move so incredible diffucult to get full? the LK variation is a good showcase between “required timed inputs” and “get 100%” every time. i fail hk variation often even tho i used to get it. i found myself in using lk gekiro more than hk since its an garanted full move.

To be honest, it’s a LOT more consistent for me in the corner. Somehow it seems that in the corner, your opponent always seems to follow a different fall arc. Maybe it’s different characters fall speeds or something, or maybe it’s in my head. I just seem to find that no matter how I time it in practice mode, the same timing just isn’t consistent in real game situations.

What it should do is build an insane amount of meter when you get a full Gekiro. And also, you should really never use hk Gekiro in the first place, since it’s so bad. Gen has anti-air normals that are just as good, if not better, that don’t leave you so incredibly vulnerable if you whiff or get beaten in many situations. If you have to do it, use EX.

Yup same here, I usually stick to LK unless I feel like burning a meter and going for EX. The only reason I was asking was due to I think Trial #23, which requires full Gekiro on HK which I cannot complete all hits!

Ya but the only problem with LK is it’s best for ground to ground. When people do jump ins then neutral jump. The LK wiffs or gets stuffed. The best is to use MK or HK if they do that.

But in all seriousness. Gekiro is not hard to get all the hits. Look at the video I posted it should help any one.


I just realized how easy Gekiros really are.

LK Start…tap,tap…tap,tapTAP
MK Start…tap,tap…tap,tap,tapTAP
HK Start…tap,tap…tap,tap,tap,tapTAP

The two delays are just there for height control, and the only increase of tempo required is for the last hit.
All you have to do is relax and count.

There’s so many different timings you could use, I used to do the longest possible just for the sake of annoying my opponent.

u forgot ex-gekiro : D


and btw: omg please dont play hakan >_>

The best thing is to not bother at all. After a while it all comes natural.
When I try to manually time Gekiro kicks I screw it up most of the time.
When I just let it flow it works most of the time.

It might just be me, but this is my advice.

Yeah I like to clearly separate the first two, just so that I only have to count to five afterwards :bgrin:

To be honest I still haven’t found my way in Super yet. I’m trying out some characters to see if someone will stick but I never had trouble finding a main before so it kind of sucks. Hakan seems very interesting though to me, he has some cool stuff going on like the ability to dash cancel into normals etc.

I agree I love messing around with Hakan, its a blast playing a grappling character after playing Gen. I feel that I get better when I go back to Gen too. I know what you are saying though. Super is a damn balanced game with alot of cool characters.

does ex verson have more invinciblility? wiki says its 4 frames, but i never get hit out of it.

its 7 frames of total invincibility, all its startup (1st active frame included), so its good besides being pretty slow

meterless gekiros become vulnerable like 1-2 frames before becoming active

  • LK version has 3 invincible frames and hits on the 5th

  • MK and HK have 4 invincible frames and hit on the 7th

  • EX version has 7 invincible frames and hits on the 7th… so you’re good to go unless what they’re using has even more invincibility, like rufus’ EX messiah

i see, thank you very much for the detailed explanation. nice to know the wiki is accurate…